5 Tips for Backpacker to Get Frugal Holiday in Yogyakarta

5 Tips for Backpacker to Get Frugal Holiday in Yogyakarta

Do you know, Traveling to various tourist attractions can increase the productivity of daily activities and generate more enthusiasm. Some surveys conducted by researchers believe that it is true. Well, Jogja will provide some fun attractions without having to drain the bag.

These backpacker tips will help you to explore this city in frugal way. Anyone who has been to this city would agree, if Jogja and the bustle inside it will make happy. However, with a long distance, sometimes it make you rethink again, mostly about the cost. But not to worry, let’s see the following tips.

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5 Tips for Backpacker to Get Frugal Holiday in Yogyakarta

1.      Take the train

The first step you must prepare is a ticket to Jogja. Although this city can be accessed via air, but because you choose a frugal holiday, cheap transportation is more recommended. Yep, train! Many online sites that sell train tickets with a cheap promos. The price ranges from $6.

To get a cheaper ticket, you must check at least 40 days to 3 months before your departure. Relax, you can choose economy class, really. Currently the economic train to Jogja was already comfortable and equipped with air conditioning. So, you no longer need to overheat and jostle with other passengers.

2.      Lodging

Lucky for you who have friends who live in Jogja. At least you can ask them to help you stay on vacation. But for you who have no friends, don’t be discouraged. In Jogja, more precisely in Sosrowijayan area, many cheap lodging and guess house with prices ranging from $5.

This place is on the west side of Malioboro Street. So for you who ride by train, you can get off at Lempuyangan Station or Tugu Station then stay on foot to get to the area. You are a backpacker to Jogja, so you have to live simple to save your budget.

3.      Forget fast food and other fancy foods

This is the perfect time for a culinary tour. Another advantage if you stay on Sosrowijayan is the access that close to the heart of the city of Jogja, which is Malioboro. In Malioboro, a lot of angkringan stall who peddle his typical food, the cat rice. No, this is not a food for cat. But the rice is wrapped in banana leaves and given a side dish like anchovy nuts. So named because of very small portions.

Only with $1, you have got a complete cat rice with mendoan, satay, and also a glass of sweet tea. For you who want to try the sensation of drinking a different coffee. Here you can also order a joss coffee, a coffee that added with burned charcoal in it. Try it yourself!

4.      Travel around Jogja city

This is what you are waiting for, explore interesting spots in Jogja city. Actually, the fun way to enjoy every corner of this city is by walking, because the distance from one place to another not so far away. But, for you who want to travel more relaxed and comfortable, try to ride by Trans Jogja. This public transport serves 13 corridors and passes many tourist attractions.

One way cost to ride this bus is $0.4. However, because today Jogja is just as stuck as any other big city, you should avoid this public transport when jammed. You can travel around Jogja by renting a vehicle. There is a motorcycle rental with a price of $5 for 24 hours.

5.      The more, the merrier!

Last but not least, another backpacker tips to Jogja is to invite your friends to vacation to Jogja. In addition to enliven the atmosphere, a holiday with friends also make your spending so much less. Among them, you can save the cost of lodging and rental vehicles because the cost is borne together.

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