5 Tips to Get Cheap Holiday in Yogyakarta

5 Tips to Get Cheap Holiday in Yogyakarta

Jogjakarta is an area that highly upholds the values ​​of tradition, therefore Jogja is always longed for the warmth of its traditions. Exotic values ​​are highly favored by international tourists, therefore Jogja is almost always busy visited every year.

For you who want a unique holiday atmosphere, Jogja can be the best alternative. Enjoying a holiday in the city of Yogyakarta would provide a pleasant experience, not only when visiting the historical attractions and natural attractions, but also the excursions made during the holiday.

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5 Tips to Get Cheap Holiday in Yogyakarta

1.      Select on-budget transportation

If your location is on the island of Java it is better to visit Jogja by train, besides faster the price is also cheaper. Lots of trains from various stations are arrived to Lempuyangan Station. To be more efficient, you can use the economy class because the price is cheaper.

In addition, today’s economic class infrastructure is increasingly improved for the convenience of users. The ticket price range is usually $8, and modern economy class are already using an air conditioner, so you do not be afraid to overheat.

2.      Select a cheap lodging

Some lodging only have $4 for a night, and include AC, TV, or even Wi-Fi. But sometimes you have to make sure that the cheap price are not tourist traps. For the backpacker is suitable to choose a lodging that close to the tourist attraction. Some of the cheaper hotels in Malioboro are Hotel Khunti, Hotel Indonesia, Hotel Puri and other, which have a price range of $8.

Though, you may take look around the homestay on Prawirotaman Street. In this area there are cheap lodging and also many impressive vintage bars. Although a bit far from Malioboro, but this area is highly favored by international tourists.

3.      Visiting popular attractions with cheap ticket

Jogja has many tourist destinations like natural attractions, culinary, and history. Some popular tourist attraction in Jogja apply the entrance ticket is quite cheap, even free as in Malioboro and Tugu Jogja.

Some attractions that you must visit doing a tour in Jogja include Yogyakarta Palace, Taman Sari, Vredeburg Fort, and Sonobudoyo Museum. Those attraction have cheap entrance ticket, mostly about $0.5.

4.      Choosing good culinary in affordable prices

Visiting Jogja is not complete without tasting the culinary that appeals to taste. To enjoy good culinary in Jogja does not have to spend an expensive, because there are many restaurants in Jogja which serves a special menu with an affordable price.

This is perfect for you who want a fun holiday with a limited budget. Trying a good culinary in angkringan can be an exciting experience while in Jogja. Besides the cheap price, you can also interact directly with the people of Jogja in a pleasant chat.

5.      Bid when you want to buy some souvenirs

Trips to Jogja certainly not complete without buying souvenirs to bring at home, some souvenirs can be found in Malioboro. For you who want to get the goods with a cheaper price, you can test your ability in bargaining something. If you are smart to bid, you can get home at low prices, such as t shirts, handicrafts, or ethnic accessories.

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