5 Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta for Family Vacation

5 Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta for Family Vacation

Along with the development of the era, family gathering event does not bring togetherness because everyone is busy with their respective gadgets. One of the best ways to create togetherness is with family vacations.

For you who visit to Yogyakarta, the following destinations are suitable for a big family, and you can make a quality time. Besides the cheap ticket price, these places are also Instagram-able! So do not forget to prepare the best camera to capture this moment with your family.

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5 Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta for Family Vacation

1.      Parangtritis Beach

It’s obligation for you to visit Parangtritis Beach in this holiday when in Jogja. Parangtritis offers the beauty of the southern beach to the visitors. Simply by pay the entrance ticket $0.5 for each person. Beside to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere on the beach, you can try many things like riding a horse or ATV which is usually priced at $4 for 15 minutes.

2.      Mangunan Fruit Garden

This place is certainly will be a good choice to refresh the mind. Cool air and incredible scenery can eliminate all stress due to work. Not only that, your family also can learn the plants at the same time, and see the process of cattle breeding directly.

Mangunan Fruit Garden is located in Mangunan, Bantul, and is about 35 km’s from the center of Jogjakarta. Set about $0.4 for the ticket to visit this destination!

3.      Taman Pintar

Located in downtown Yogyakarta, Taman Pintar is a playground as well as learning attraction. The park is equipped with digital interactive technology that can attract children. It is suitable for you who bring a group of children from large families. The ticket price is $0.8 for children, and $1.5 for adults.

4.      Kaliurang Tourism

Kaliurang is located about 28 kilometers from the center of Yogyakarta, this destination can be a fun place for family. Not only famous with the natural beauty, Kaliurang also has some relics of history and recreational park. Do not forget to join Merapi Lava Tour to see the slope of Merapi.

5.      Ratu Boko Temple

Ratu Boko temple is not as popular as Prambanan Temple. But make no mistake, the scenery offered is beautiful and exotic. Ratu Boko temple itself is a magnificent palace complex which was built in the 8th century. Allegedly this temple was a palace.

This attraction is good for your family to know more about the history of Indonesia. Only with $0.8 for the ticket, you and your family can enjoy the historic site, which surely makes this time more special.


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