5 Unique Snacks from Yogyakarta to Take Home

5 Unique Snacks from Yogyakarta to Take Home

Visiting Jogja is not yet complete without buying souvenirs. A city that is famous for natural attractions and cheap culinary is synonymous with bakpia and yangko as a unique hand. Almost every tourist visiting will surely bring these two special snacks as a souvenir.

But Jogja is not about bakpia and yangko only, there are many unique souvenirs of Jogja that you can bring home, even you are international tourist. If you are going to visit Jogja and get confused to choose some snack, you may take a look fist.

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5 Unique Snacks from Yogyakarta to Take Home

1.      Chocolate Monggo

One of the things that makes Chocolate Monggo unique is the flavors. Not only dark chocolate and milk chocolate, Chocolate Monggo also provides a various flavors of fruits, such as durian, mango, and strawberry. Chocolate Monggo is guaranteed to have genuine chocolate flavor that is suitable as gifts from Jogja. You can also see the process of making chocolate at Chocolate Monggo factory located in Kotagede.

In addition to the above products, Chocolate Monggo also accept custom orders. You can order special products with unique drawings and writing as you wish. You can even order a wide selection of Chocolate Monggo products as a wedding gift, complete with unique decorations and designs. A good idea as a souvenir, right?

2.      Bakpiapia

If you are not happy with ordinary bakpia, Bakpiapia could be an option. Bakpiapia have another product of ampyang, which is snack made from beans and brown sugar. This typical snack of Jogja is also packed with a variety of flavors, among others are sweet cashew nuts and sweet spicy cashew nuts.

Beside to its unique taste, Bakpiapia also has many outlets that spread across Jogja. This certainly allows you to buy Bakpiapia as a souvenir without having to come all the way to the factory. Bakpiapia outlet even also exist in Mal Malioboro.

3.      Canned Gudeg Bu Tjitro

If you want to buy gudeg as a souvenir to take home, you can try to buy canned gudeg. Because of its packed using high technology, this gudeg is much more durable. You don’t have to worry, because this gudeg can hold up to one year. Besides its more durable, canned gudeg is also more practical because the packaging is more portable.

Gudeg Bu Tjitro himself is one of the pioneers who created canned gudeg. In addition to practicality is packed in the form of cans, Gudeg Bu Tjitro also has several choices of varied flavors, such as spicy gudeg and gudeg rendang. The price ranges between $2-3, it’s very affordable for you who are looking for unique souvenirs of Jogja.

4.      Fried grasshopper Pak Gareng

Although it sounds terrible, locusts or grasshopper are indeed one of the traditional snack menu from ​​Gunung Kidul. Who would have thought that these green insects are rich in protein, so eating fried grasshoppers is good for your health. If you are looking for unique souvenirs typical of Jogja, fried locusts could be an option.

One of the fried grasshopper products is Belalang Goreng Pak Gareng. No need to worry about the taste of these fried locusts because the processed grasshopper is flavored with various spices. It tastes savory and crunchy, similar to potato chips. If you are planning to bring fried grasshopper, do not worry, is easy to carry.

5.      Tiwul Instan

Usually, tiwul served warm with a sprinkling of grated coconut and Javanese sugar sauce. This snack is usually sold and served warm, so it is quite difficult to make it as a souvenir. This is what inspired some manufacturers to create instant tiwul which can be served instantly and easily.

The dried tiwul grains stay soaked with warm water and then steamed until fluffy. As a souvenir, instant tiwul is easy to carry because it is packed with practical plastic. There are many choices of instant tiwul flavors that you can try, ranging from original flavor, tasty, sweet, pandanus, and brown sugar.

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