5 Yogyakarta Frugal Holiday Tips in Backpacker Style

5 Yogyakarta Frugal Holiday Tips in Backpacker Style

Yogyakarta is one of the popular tourist destinations. In Jogja, there are many exciting historical places to visit. For example, Prambanan Temple, Ijo Temple, Yogyakarta Palace, Water Castle Taman Sari, or Vredeburg Fort.

There is also a charming natural attractions on the coast of Jogja. Such as Indrayanti beach, Baron, Pok Tunggal, until Parangtritis, as well as mountain tours to Merapi. This city also has a lot of culinary that can always tasty.

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Walking on Jogja became an easy activity to do. Moreover, there are many public transportation that can be selected to get to Jogja. In addition, tours in Jogja can also be done in a super cheap way, especially if you do the following frugal tricks.

5 Yogyakarta Frugal Holiday Tips in Backpacker Style

1.      Go group

By going together, you and your friends can split the expenses. Whether it is for accommodation and transportation needs, such as lodging, motorcycle or car rental, and so forth. So, you can save more on vacation in Jogja.

Especially for lodging, you better do online booking in Yogyakarta since long days. If you book a hotel room directly in place, you will not be able to estimate the expense optimally, because you don’t know the exact price you must pay to get lodging.

2.      Rent a room

If you want to stay longer in Jogja but just have a limited budget, look for boarding rooms that are rented on a monthly basis with cheap price. Yogyakarta is famous as one of education city in Indonesia. There are many public and private universities.

By renting a boarding room, you can stay longer in Jogja with only one pay-per-person. The average boarding room in Yogyakarta is also located quite strategic. So you will have no trouble accessing it.

Usually, in the area near college sells good food at a friendly price. So you can save more budget consumption. But remember, this one tips just perfect for you who vacation in Jogja in a long time. If only one or two nights, you can choose a homestay.

3.      Vehicle rent

You can rent a motorcycle for $5-10 for a day, and $20 for car. The rate applies to car rentals without driver. Although without a driver or guide, you don’t have to worry about getting lost. You can easily reach where you want to go with GPS or Google Maps. But make sure that among your friend there are people who can actually drive and have a driver’s license.

4.      Camping

If you want to spend time on the southern coast of Jogja, you can camp on the beach. The beaches are quite popular for camping such as Indrayanti beach, Pok Tunggal beach, Ngrumput beach, Siung beach, Sarangan beach, and much more.

Camping on the beaches of Gunung Kidul will bring a very pleasant impression. You can enjoy the romantic atmosphere directly in the open, see the beautiful Milky Way galaxy at night, watch the beautiful sunset phenomenon, and listen to the sound of the beach waves at night.

But a frugal way like this can only be done when the sky is clear. So, this way is only suitable done in the dry season. There are also some important tips for you who want to camp on the beach. Make sure to choose a campsite that is quite crowded, do this with a large group, don’t put the tent too close to the beach, and make sure to bring other outdoor equipment.

5.      Ride by Trans Jogja

Jogja also has a comfortable, air-conditioned, and cheap mass vehicle, the name is Trans Jogja. This public transport is connected to strategic places such as Tugu Railway Station and Adisucipto Airport.

In addition, Trans Jogja also pass through many tourist areas. Interestingly, you can buy just single ticket to travel all the way. The price is very cheap, it about $0.4.

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