6 Alternative Transportations in Yogyakarta You Can Ride With

6 Alternative Transportation in Yogyakarta You Can Ride With

Vacation in Yogyakarta or Jogja certainly coveted by many people. Because in this special city many interesting and memorable things that can be obtained. The tourist attraction are scattered in some places that could be far apart from each other.

Such as Parangtritis beach located in Bantul. Well because it could be the distance between tourist destinations Jogja, it important to know about kind of transport that will bring you. Kind of transport in Jogja are many. Here are some alternative transport in Yogyakarta.

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6 Alternative Transportations in Yogyakarta You Can Ride With

1.      City bus and Trans Jogja

City bus in Jogja can be a massive solution for you. With a city bus, you only need to spend $0.4-0.6, depending on the destination. With this city bus, you can go far away to some areas outside Jogja like Parangtritis and Borobudur. Another option is Trans Jogja.

Trans Jogja is a public transport in Jogja. Interestingly, Trans Jogja is deliberately designed with a trip to several attractions such as Monumen Jogja Kembali, Pakualaman Palace, Prambanan Temple, and various culinary areas inside the city. Trans Jogja is only $0.3 for single trip.

2.      Domapan bus tour

There is also a tour bus called Domapan. This bus tours is an alternative transport in Yogyakarta during your vacation. Domapan, has acronym 258 in Indonesian Language, is the number of anniversary of Yogyakarta. Domapan is a bus with open roof.

With this concept, it would be an interesting option for you down the city of Jogja. With this red and green combination color, Domapan bus will take you to some tourist attraction like Taman Pintar and others.

3.      Pedicab

Tricycle transportation in Jogja is still maintained well in the middle of modernization. Pedicab will you meet in any area of Yogyakarta. The cost is depending on the destination, you can travel around the city of Jogja with different nuances.

You can go around Malioboro with cost between $1-1.5. Interestingly, this pedicab still maintains its authenticity until now. In other areas, becak or pedicab is much changed from traditional becak to machine becak. But in Jogja, becak still survive with its originality.

4.      Andong or dokar

Jogja is thick with traditional Javanese nuances. The proof, in the midst of a vigorous modernization, traditional transportation such as andong still maintained. Andong is a typical transportation of Jogja, even a vehicle of the royal family. You can ride andong around the city of Jogja, although the route is limited to close range only.

To ride a dokar, you can find it in the area of ​​Malioboro. Meanwhile, the cost is ranged from $3, or depending on your destination. Of course this cost can change if you are good at bargaining.

5.      Rent a moped

Lastly, an alternative transport in Yogyakarta that you can use to around the city of Jogja is by rent a moped. This transport can take you to anywhere in in Jogja. By rent a moped or a car, you can visit several tourist destinations freely. By renting a vehicle, you will have the freedom to go everywhere that can’t be found from public transport.

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