6 Favorite Places to Eat Near Malioboro Yogyakarta

6 Favorite Places to Eat Near Malioboro Yogyakarta

Culinary tour in Yogyakarta is very exciting. As a famous place, Malioboro keep many places to eat with affordable price. As one of the tourist destination while in Yogyakarta, Malioboro is very crowded filled by seller, ranging from clothing merchants, souvenirs, paintings, to food.

If you take a walk in Malioboro, do not miss places to eat around Malioboro the most recommended. This place to eat will make you more miss with Jogja. So, let’s visit this stall.

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6 Favorite Places to Eat Near Malioboro Yogyakarta

1.      Angkringan Lek Man

This angkringan is one of the places to eat around Malioboro that must be visited. It’s not perfect if you go to Yogyakarta without eating at angkringan. Among the several choices of angkringan in Malioboro, one of the most famous is Angkringan Lek Man.

Although the place is not too big, but Angkringan Lek Man is very complete, ranging from sego kucing, satay, any fried dish, coffee, wedang ginger, and milk. What makes us feel satisfied is the cheap price. Angkringan Lek Man is located only 700 meters from Malioboro, precisely at Wongsodirjan Street, north of Tugu Yogyakarta Station.

2.      Gudeg Yu Djum

The place to eat around Malioboro is Gudeg Yu Djum. It seems incomplete if visit Yogyakarta without taste the typical food. What makes this gudeg more delicious and different from other is the way processing, which is still using the traditional stove and firewood.

Moreover, dried gudeg is served with a complete side dish, such as chicken, meat, eggs, and sambal krecek. The location of Gudeg Yu Djum is on Dagen Street, No. 2C, Malioboro.

3.      Sate Kere

Still around the Beringharjo Market, there is sate kere. This is a unique satay with delicacy that will surely spoil your tongue. Sate kere made from fat or cow. When burned, the aroma is very fragrant and intriguing. This satay is cooked with “jerky” spices, so the flavor is very unique.

You can visit this sate kere stall in the afternoon, because the stall only open at afternoon. Just come to Beringharjo market area to find this phenomenal satay.

4.      Pecel Senggol

Delicious breakfast at early morning! Well, if you want to find good pecel around Malioboro, just come to pecel senggol which is located at the front entrance of Beringharjo Market. It’s called pecel senggol because the place is so narrow, and sometimes you nudge each other.

The pecel vegetables here are very complete and the peanut sauce is very tasty. Moreover, the choice of side dishes is also very diverse. Eating pecel here is really satisfied and fun. You must try the famous pecel in this Malioboro area huh!

5.      Gado-Gado Bu Hadi

Beringharjo Market is located in Malioboro area. On the 2nd floor of this very famous market in Yogyakarta, there is a legendary gado-gado stall, Gado-Gado Bu Hadi. A plate of fresh vegetables and boiled chicken eggs will be doused with sweet and savory bean spice.

The flavors here are very mean! Moreover, the price is also quite affordable. Just try Gado-Gado Bu Hadi, this stall open since 1952.

6.      Beringharjo Fried Rice

Well, when you’re in Jogja and walking on Malioboro, just stop by at Beringharjo Fried Rice around Beringharjo Market. Beside to fried rice, there is also a Javanese fried noodle menu that you must try. The price of a plate of fried rice is also quite affordable.

This place is also quite famous in Jogja because it has been open since the 60’s. Beringjharjo Fried Rice is located at Mayor Suryotomo Street, no. 7, Gondokusuman.

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