6 Favorite Snacks and Souvenirs from Yogyakarta

6 Favorite Snacks and Souvenirs from Yogyakarta

A typical souvenir of Jogja is something commonly brought by those who have just been traveling in this city. Various typical souvenirs of Jogja can be found easily there. The easiest way is to visit the souvenir center in Jogja. However, not all souvenir you can find in one location.

Some foods that become souvenirs typical of Jogja is bakpia and yangko. This snack seems to have become part of the Jogja attraction itself. Almost everyone who come to Jogja would bring this souvenir for family or relatives.

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6 Favorite Snacks and Souvenirs from Yogyakarta

1.      Bakpia Pathok

This bakpia comes from Pathuk, Jogja. The shape is small round with a variety of flavors. Initially, bakpia pathok contained of green beans. However, this time you can find of this typical Jogja souvenir in various colors and various delicious flavors.

Looking for this typical snack is not difficult, you can go to Malioboro Street to buy this famous souvenir. Bakpia pathok is available in various flavor, such as green beans, black spice, chocolate, cheese, milk, until coffee. Bakpia is sold at $2 for each box.

2.      Yangko

This typical souvenirs is made of glutinous rice flour. It’s a tiny square shape. This typical food you can find easily, because almost all the souvenir centers provide yangko. Yangko is a cake made from sticky rice flour as the main ingredient.

When you eat, it will feel soft, slightly chewy on the tongue, and has a sweet taste. The best place to find yangko is in Kotagede Area, you can find a genuine flavor here. Or, go to Pramuka Street, you can see Yangko Pak Prapto there.

3.      Geplak

Geplak is a snack made from coconut, sugar, and sticky rice flour. These snacks are typical food of Bantul, a district in Jogja. The characteristic of this typical Jogja food is to have a sweet taste, as well as yangko. The best way to eat geplak is while still warm.

Currently, you can find this typical souvenirs in various taste, ranging from durian, strawberries, to oranges. Initially, geplak was made using cane sugar with a gray-white color. If using coconut sugar will give geplak a brown color. This Jogja souvenir is very easy to find in various place.

4.      Batik Cloth

One place to find batik Jogja is in Beringharjo Market. The collection of batik cloth in this market is very complete, ranging from batik cloth to batik skirt. This never-empty market is occupied by about 7 thousand batik traders. Beringharjo located at the southern end of Malioboro Street.

It makes Beringharjo Market a favorite place to get souvenirs typical of Yogyakarta. Not only batik, there are variety of interesting and unique items that you can buy. If you want to buy batik, you need to bid the price to get an affordable cost. But in general, the price of batik offered is quite cheap.

5.      Dagadu T-shirt

Dagadu is a t-shirt brand that has become part of Jogja’s tourism identity. Currently, you can find Dagadu T-shirts in many places, be it on the market and over the road. However, Dagadu’s main outlet can be found at Pakuningratan Street. This is where the various dagadu t-shirts in creative variants are created and become a unique souvenir of Jogja.

6.      Monggo Chocolate

This is a chocolate from Jogja, formulated by a man from Belgium. This chocolate has a high taste and unique, like a typical Belgian chocolate. Monggo Chocolate is available in a variety of delicious flavors, ranging from Dark, Praline, to Red Chili, and Orange Pee.

All variants of Chocolate Monggo are made with raw materials from Indonesia. You can go to the factory where this chocolate is processed in Kotagede. Currently, Chocolate Monggo has grown and spread across other city. However, the main production of chocolate remains in Kotagede Jogjakarta.

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