6 Important Tips Before You Traveling to Yogyakarta

6 Important Tips Before You Traveling to Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is endless to be a place for traveling. Almost in every month, Jogja always update the attraction. So, after you visit a few months ago, you just want to visit again. Many tourist attractions in Jogja have a cheap ticket and affordable homestay.

Everything is available here, from the transportation route to the various tourist spot. Before traveling to Jogja it’s good to see these tips first.

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6 Important Tips Before You Traveling to Yogyakarta

1.      Set a schedule

Traveling to Jogja in backpacker style or solo traveler is fun. But if you have never come to this city, it would be nice to determine the flight schedule first, or other transport. After arrival, take a homestay near Malioboro.

In the next day, you can explore the city attraction first before you traveling far away. Therefore, determine the schedule and place to stay is important. If you are a photographer, of course an attraction with good photo spot is needed.

2.      List of luggage

Holiday to Jogja is fun activity to do. But because so happy, you might forget to bring travel gear that you need, for example the camera. You must prepare all the thing you need in a simple way, especially if you traveling as a backpacker.

3.      Important document

The best way to visit all the interesting spot in Jogja is through private vehicle. Many vehicle rental services in Jogja, but if you do not bring documents or personal identity, it hard to get one. So, prepare your ID or other document of you.

4.      Select the nearest lodging

Many stories from the traveler who has come here, they told that starting from the budget required when visit best place in Yogyakarta. You can use this as a budget estimation when explore this city, the cheap lodging in Jogja, the cheap food, and other.

5.      Eat around

If you visit Malioboro or other area, you may see many culinary stall lined. You can eat at these place. Or, you can go to angkringan to eat while drinking coffee joss. Other option, you can taste a gudeg culinary where ever you stay.

6.      Souvenirs and bargain tips

First, choose the item to buy according to your taste, and ask how much. When the price didn’t suit with you, then start to bid at least at half price that offered. If the seller does not want to give the price you want, just walking slowly leave the buyer. Sometimes this trick is work, even not always.

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