6 Most Bought Typical Souvenirs from Yogyakarta by Visitor

6 Most Bought Typical Souvenirs from Yogyakarta by Visitor

There is always a pleasant story about Yogyakarta, which certainly makes you want to visit again. Beside to the warm atmosphere, Yogyakarta also has a variety of culinary as well as distinctive culture that is always interesting to discuss.

However, when you are walking in Yogyakarta, do not forget to buy souvenirs from this city. Well, if you want to find recommendations about souvenirs typical of Yogyakarta that most purchased by tourists, these list is highly recommended.

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6 Most Bought Typical Souvenirs from Yogyakarta by Visitor

1.      Bakpia

It’s incomplete if you visit Yogyakarta without buying any bakpia. At the first, bakpia only contains green beans. Now you can find bakpia with many flavors such as cheese, chocolate, until the durian. Bakpia is a snack that comes from the locals.

However, over time bakpia has become a legendary snack and a souvenir icon from Yogyakarta. There are many brands bakpia in this city, but the most famous is Bakpia Pathuk.

2.      Batik Yogyakarta

It is easy to find batik cloth in Yogyakarta. In fact, if you stay at one of the hotels in Malioboro Yogyakarta, then you can easily buy batik in Malioboro. Besides Malioboro, you can also hunt batik at Beringharjo Market.

Uniquely, batik in Yogyakarta is not presented in the form of clothing only, but there are batik bags, batik sandals, and others. This souvenirs can also be found in a tourism village called Krebet Village.

3.      Dagadu shirt

When you visit to Jogja, don’t forget to stop by a moment to Dagadu showroom, a brand that produces T-shirts and trinkets with typical Jogja. In this city, you can find several branches of Dagadu. Well, the collection of T-shirts and trinkets from Dagadu you can buy as souvenir.

There are a variety of unique and cute shirt motif with an affordable price. If you don’t have time to visit his shop, you can buy the shirt from the official website.

4.      Yangko

During this time, mochi is known as a snack that comes from Japan. However, who would have thought if you can also find a very typical mochi in Yogyakarta? It is yangko, which is a snack of glutinous rice flour with a chewy texture, and it similar to mochi.

To be more intriguing, yangko then colored to get beautiful look. At one box consists of 30 different flavors. Just like bakpia, there are some famous brands in Yogyakarta. However, the famous is Yangko Pak Prapto because it has been established since 1921.

5.      Kasongan pottery

If you want a souvenir that is durable and not easily stale, maybe you can consider to buy pottery from Kasongan. Kasongan village is the center of making crafts from clay. You can find various forms of pottery when visiting this village.

This pottery can be used as a souvenir for family and other. You can see the process of making pottery while visiting the village of Kasongan. So, don’t miss this tourism village if you visit Yogyakarta.

6.      Chocolate Monggo

Besides various traditional snacks, you can buy a modern snack from Yogyakarta, which is Chocolate Monggo. This chocolate taste is almost the same as chocolate from Belgium. However, you need to know that material used to make it is 100% from Sumatra, Java, and Sulawesi.

Packed with an interesting cover, Chocolate Monggo is one of souvenir that you must buy. In fact, Monggo Chocolate is the right choice for you who want long-lasting souvenirs.

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