6 Most Popular Angkringan at Yogyakarta You Must Taste

6 Most Popular Angkringan at Yogyakarta You Must Taste

Angkringan has become a common thing for the people of Jogja and as inseparable. Angkringan is certainly a cart full of food that is not only used as a place to release hunger and thirst, but also as a place to socialize, talk about many things, discuss everything.

Angkringan became one of Jogja’s icons, because it is closely related to cheap price. The price of food in a simple stall is generally cheap. Currently a pack of cat rice worth $0.1. Called cat rice for a mini portion, and used to be considered only fit to feed the cat. Usually people will take 3-5 packs at once.

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Although identical with the lower or middle class, now angkringan is increasing the level in a larger place and luxurious impression, although the food variant presented does not leave its authenticity. The concept of angkringan still not lost, as a place to fill the stomach as well as places to chat and socialize.

6 Most Popular Angkringan at Yogyakarta You Must Taste

1.      Angkringan Railway Station

Angkringan in Tugu Station has always been the target of tourists when traveling in Jogja. Here, you can find many stalls lined with many food choices. One of the pioneers of angkringan is Lik Man. Here, the unique menu is coffee joss, a cup of black coffee which is given a charcoal that is still smoldering.

2.      Angkringan KR

Not far from Tugu, there is angkringan which always full of tourists, sometimes used as a gathering place for various communities in Jogja. The menu presented here is also confusing, because the food and beverage options are very diverse. Various snacks with a variety side dishes will make you confused to try which one first.

3.      Angkringan Wijilan

Slightly different from angkringan in general. Angkringan Wijilan provides a buffet menu. Visitors are free to take the rice as much, and the vegetables and side dishes are also varied. Beside to heavy food, there is also a snack menu. Starting from the fried, satay, until the traditional wet cakes. The place is also quite spacious, located on Wijilan Street.

4.      Angkringan JAC Pendopo Dalem

If you are looking for a place more “wow”, you have to come here. At noon, this place becomes Restaurant Pendopo Dalem, while in the evening camouflaged to angkringan. With classic Javanese interior and spacious place, you will be stunned by the atmosphere. Traditional food menus are presented also vary.

5.      Angkringan Bonbin

Located not far from Gembira Loka Zoo, on the east side. The cat rice that served in this place is always be present in warm conditions. It suit for you who seek warmth over the cold of Jogja night. Moreover, you can also order some hot drinks like tea or ginger wedang.

6.      Angkringan Nganggo Suwe

Want to eat directly, just choose it. There is grilled rice, oseng-oseng, with a variety of dishes, ranging from fried chicken, quail, balado eggs. If you want snacks, available various chips, sweet potatoes, various satay, etc. While the drink, you can order wedang asem or wedang uwuh.

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