6 Photo Spots in Yogyakarta You Should Not Miss

6 Photo Spots in Yogyakarta You Should Not Miss

Long weekend has arrived, it’s time for you to get a vacation. There are some good place to spend your holiday with special experience. Though, these spots also a good place to take pictures. If you are photo hunter, don’t missed these places if you visit to Jogja.

6 Photo Spots in Yogyakarta You Should Not Miss

1.      Mangunan Fruit Garden

This tourist attractions located in Dlingo has a beautiful landscape to take pictures. The view from a height from this place is being much hunted by the most. Just try to come around at 6 am, you can take pictures with the background of beautiful hills, and the fog that makes your picture more stunning.

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2.      Penger Pine Forest

Pengger Pine Forest is a new alternative attraction of forests in Jogja. The development in this place is not as much like Mangunan Pine Forest attraction. But because of that, it feels more natural. Pine forest is quite tight, it would be good for photo hunter. Pengger Pine Forest is in Dlingo, Bantul.

3.      Jurang Tembelan

Still offering photos from altitude, this place has interesting photo spots. There are some spots shaped with butterfly wings, and the most hits, which are shaped like a boat. So, when you captured from this angle, you will look like sailing in the clouds.

4.      Lintang Sewu

The hill that located in Dlingo could be the main spot to take pictures with the background of Jogja City from a height. This place has 3 unique photo spots: a stone monument called Tugu Watu Asah, viewing post from bamboo, and hand of buto (giant hand).

5.      Kedung Kandang Waterfall

This is a waterfall has 7 stages. Well, to reach the waterfall, you must walk far enough. For you who love to hike, a trip to the waterfall will definitely be fun. But for you who are not, just enjoy the scenery. Along the journey, you can see the beautiful scenery. You can enjoy a unique waterfall.

6.      Grojogan Lepo

This waterfalls in Imogiri area, and has several ponds. To get to this place, you have to go through a fairly difficult path. But don’t worry, after passing through, you will be pampered with the flow of waterfalls. Who knows, it could be the best your photo background.

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