6 Places to Eat in Yogyakarta to Save Your Budget

6 Places to Eat in Yogyakarta to Save Your Budget

Yogyakarta is one of the interesting cities to visit. The exotic culture and the nuances become the main target of local and international tourists to visit. For you who are planning a holiday in Yogyakarta, don’t forget to explore the culinary. Do not be afraid for the costs, these places to eat are very cheap and delicious. Who knows it will save your budget.

6 Places to Eat in Yogyakarta to Save Your Budget

1.      Bong Kopitown

On Sagan Kidul Street, you can find a unique dining place called Bong Kopitown. Here you will be served with prison style that makes this place very popular among young people. Not only about the atmosphere, the food and beverages are served also vary with a fairly cheap price. The menu price is start from $0.4.

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2.      Spesial Sambal

For you who want to eat delicious and cheap in Yogyakarta, you can come to a Spesial Sambal stall. Yup, this one restaurant has a famous name among local. The price offered is very cheap, starting from $0.8 and you can eat full here. The menu offered is also varied.

3.      Mie Persis Telap 12

Mie Persis Telap 12 serves a menu of instant noodles like in the bundle. Starting from the meat, egg, vegetables, and others complement. Besides the appearance, the noodles have a fantastic taste! It less than $4, and you can feel the unique and delicious instant noodles with other dishes and drinks for two people.

4.      Kedai Rakjat Djelata

For you who want to eat in restaurants with the past nuances, you can visit Kedai Rakjat Djelata. Not just decorations, but the waitress dressed in old fashion like wearing blangkon, white singlet, and even a black striped brown shirt. The menu that offered is local food. The price is fairly cheap, around $5 you can already eat full for two people.

5.      Mie Jawa Mbah Gito

Have a unique concept with a pretty creepy decoration, it makes Mie Jawa Mbah Gito demand by many people. Mainstay menu is bakmi godhog (boiled Javanese noodle) and the price is cheap, which is about $5 for two people.

6.      Bale Ayu Resto

For you who like chicken, duck, milkfish, you can visit Bale Ayu Resto that already famous in this city. This restaurant is open daily from 9 am to 10 pm. About the price, enough with $6 guaranteed full eating in this place for two people.

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