6 Places to Eat to Taste Fried Rice in Yogyakarta

6 Places to Eat to Taste Fried Rice in Yogyakarta

About Indonesia, you must be familiar with fried rice. Yes, fried rice is a food that is easily found in various regions in Indonesia. The food menu is available from street vendors to five-star restaurants. If you are in Jogja and willing to eat fried rice, it is not difficult to find this one.

At every side road, you must find many fried rice stall. If you love to taste fried rice, the following places to eat are served fried rice as the main menu. Some of these stall become favorite for locals, at least you have one while you are in Jogja.

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6 Places to Eat to Taste Fried Rice in Yogyakarta

1.      I Love Nasi Goreng

Who does not love fried rice? You must, at least, have tasted the delicacy of this fried rice. The fried rice that offered by this place is actually quite cheap. You are free to choose your own side dish of fried rice that suits your taste. Many visitors come here to enjoy the fried rice. I Love Nasi Goreng is located on Wahid Hasyim Street.

2.      Beringharjo Fried Rice

Nasi Goreng Beringharjo has been open since the 60’s, and is located on Mataram Street. The fried rice menu here is very complete, there are seafood fried rice, fried rice with pete, chicken fried rice, even goat meat fried rice. No wonder if many visitors of Beringharjo Fried Rice always come every day.

3.      Nasi Goreng 212

The place with delicious fried rice in Jogja is Nasi Goreng 212. In this dining place, you can order fried rice with the level of spiciness as your taste. The variant of fried rice is also complete. One plate of fried rice here is also quite a lot. The taste is good and the price is very friendly. To enjoy a plate fried rice in Nasi Goreng 212, just come to Selokan Mataram Street, no. 130.

4.      Bakmi & Nasi Goreng Pak Pele

This one is also a famous fried rice in Jogja. Bakmi & Nasi Goreng Pak Pele is open from afternoon until done. The main menu in this stall is a typical Javanese fried noodle. However, the fried rice here is also very tasty. You should try magelangan rice, a fried rice cooked with noodles. It tastes really good. Bakmi & Nasi Goreng Pak Pele is located in the North Square.

5.      Nasi Goreng Kambing Pak Beni

Nasi Goreng Kambing Pak Beni does not just sell fried rice. In this stall, you can order chicken fried rice. However, the most famous menu is of course goat meat fried rice. This stall opens on Gejayan Street, and always crowded with visitors. Cheap fried rice prices, large portions, and good taste make you will be a loyal customer.

6.      Nasi Goreng Babat Mandiri

When you feel hungry at midnight, you can immediately fill your stomach in Nasi Goreng Babat Mandiri in Mrican area. This is a special fried rice with extra side dish in it. The beef processed in certain way to be very soft. With a slightly spicy flavor, Nasi Goreng Babat Mandiri offers a solid taste.


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