6 Recommended Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta from Instagram User

6 Recommended Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta from Instagram User

Yogyakarta has a wide range of cool and fun tourist destinations. Many tourist managers in Yogyakarta are very creative to manage tourist attractions to be excellent. The presence of cool spots add to the attraction of tourists, especially among young people.

The young traveler and Instagram users always upload those cool spots and become viral that motivates the other traveler to hunt for photos in the same spot. These following attractions in Jogja are the latest and some recommendations from Instagram users.

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6 Recommended Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta from Instagram User

1.      Pine Asri

One recommended tourist attraction from Instagram users are Pinus Asri, Karangasem, Muntuk, Dlingo, Bantul. In Pinus Asri, there is a viewing post that can be used as a tourist spot to take picture. The best time to visit is at the morning and afternoon. In the morning, you can see the fog from the viewpoint of Pinus Asri. While in the afternoon, you can see the sunset.

2.      Watu Goyang

The next place to go is Watu Goyang. Almost the same as Pinus Asri, Watu Goyang also has many photo spots. The shape of the photo spot was creative, one was a helicopter shaped. The location of Watu Goyang is about a few meters before Mangunan Fruit Garden. You need to pay the parking only.

3.      Tembelan Gorge

This cliff is classified as a new tourist attraction in Bantul that famous with spot shaped ships. Jurang Tembelan can be your alternative attraction to enjoy the morning of Jogja. The route to the Tembelan Gorge is the same as the direction to Mangunan. You need to pay $0.2 for motorcycle parking.

4.      Mangunan Fruit Garden

The scenery in this fruit garden is really soothing. You can see a variety of fruit trees such as rambutan, starfruit, durian, etc. The main object of Mangunan Fruit Park is the peak which has a very beautiful scenery. To enter Mangunan Fruit Garden you just pay $0.4 and $0.3 for parking.

5.      Kediwung Lake

In Telaga Kediwung you can hunt an Instagram-able photo, because this place is a green mountain. Telaga Kediwung has many cool spots. You can spoil your eye with a view of the mountains, expanse of forest, lake, and sky blue horizon. This tourist attraction is located in Kediwung, Mangunan, Dlingo, Bantul.

6.      Mangunan Pine Forest

Another recommended places from Instagram users are Mangunan Pine Forest. This place is very epic! Especially with more and more photo spots that you can choose. The entrance ticket of Mangunan Pine Forest is free, just pay for parking area.

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