6 Simple Tips for Cheap Holiday in Yogyakarta

6 Simple Tips for Cheap Holiday in Yogyakarta

For you who want to travel to Jogja, you must wonder how to visit Jogja with economical budget. Many attraction to refresh your mind from the daily activities. But, holiday is related with a big cost. Well, for you who have a limited budget, here are some tips for cheap holiday in Jogja.

6 Simple Tips for Cheap Holiday in Yogyakarta

1.      Invite other to join (friends or family)

You must know, if your holiday consist of more people, it will be cheaper. Likewise when you order a tour package, the more participants, the cost for each person will be cheaper. For example, the price to rent a car is $30 and it will be split, and it cost much cheap. So, take as many friends as possible for your vacation to Jogja.

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2.      Choosing an Economy Train

The travel time by train is relatively faster than the bus. Meanwhile, if you travel by a plane, the ticket is relatively expensive. So, the train is a cheap solution to visit Jogja. For you who have limited budget, just take the economy class. You can reduce the cost, and who knows you get a discount. The ticket price start from $7.

3.      Selecting Cheap attraction

Jogja is a tourism city, and it has many interesting attraction. The variety of Jogja attraction has different entrance fee. For you with a limited budget, you can choose some attraction with cheap ticket, like kalibiru, pine forest, and other. Some attractions even don’t take any entrance ticket like Breksi cliff.

4.      Choosing a cheap lodging

There are many lodging with cheap price. It will be a solution for you. But you also have to understand, these kind of lodging does not have the complete facilities as the hotel. So please don’t have too high expectations. But, is enough just to unwind at night. In Prawirotaman and Sosrowijayan Street, the cheapest cost about $6.

5.      Choose food to eat

Eating is the most important components of a travel journey. You will not be cheerful if you feel hungry. But don’t worry, Jogja is provide it with cheap. The cost of living or to eat costs are relatively affordable. You can try to eat at angkringan. Just with $0.5, you can fill you’re your stomach.

6.      Cheap Transportation

If you take a ride by public transport may be more efficient and cheap, but you can only visit the attractions inside the city. This is because public transport like Trans Jogja only located in the city of Jogja. If you have a destination outside the city, rent a moped or car are the solution. The cost to rent a moped in Jogja around $5, while for car about $25 for 24 hours.

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