6 Things to Consider Before You Traveling to Yogyakarta

6 Things to Consider Before You Traveling to Yogyakarta

Jogja became a very popular tourist destination since the first. In Jogja, there are a lot of tourist attraction that exist and still growing from day to day. In addition, the atmosphere in Jogja as a cultural city on the island of Java is also a unique characteristic.

The night atmosphere of Jogja also definitely make you miss. No wonder if many visitor want to come back again to Jogja to explore the other side of Jogja in the future. If you intend to travel to Jogja, but you are first time to come there, do not worry.

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The friendliness of Jogja will make you feel more secure. In addition, you need to consider to the following tips to travel in Jogja. Just pay attention in order to avoid tourist traps.

6 Things to Consider Before You Traveling to Yogyakarta

1.      Determine the destination

Before going to Jogja, first determine what attractions you want to visit. Don’t ever choose some attractions after arriving in Jogja, you will be confused where to go. This is important, there are so many attractions, ranging from city attraction and nature attraction. Set your destination according to your interests.

2.      Ride with Trans Jogja

Jogja is growing well. Currently there is public transportation in the form of Trans Jogja bus. Trans Jogja can help you to around with low cost. There are many tourist attraction that can you visit by Trans Jogja. Even Trans Jogja can also be accessed from the airport.

3.      Don’t eat at Malioboro!

If you’re on a cheap trip, it’s better not to try any culinary in Malioboro, because the price is quite expensive. Even some angkringan, the fix price is very expensive. Eat somewhere else, not so close to Malioboro. But if you do not mind, please eat in the area.

4.      Travel by route

Take the route. If you want to travel in the middle of the city, the area of ​​Malioboro and Keraton be the main choice because it is still on one route. If you want to travel to the south of Jogja, then go to the beach area and look for a beach that is still the direction of the route. This will save you time and money.

5.      Bring your cash money

In Jogja, there are many street musicians, especially in Malioboro area. If you want to spend time to hanging out in Malioboro, prepare a cash money to give to street musicians, because it will be a lot of street singers who come and go. Though, many stall or shopping place just accept cash money.

6.      Avoid the holiday season

Jogja is a tourist city and will always be crowded by visitor from many regions. Avoid the holiday season to get a calm tourist atmosphere and conducive to travel. Especially if you don’t really like crowds.

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