6 Things You Must Know On How to Get in to Yogyakarta by Train

6 Things You Must Know On How to Get in to Yogyakarta by Train

Jogja is famous as one of the cheapest tourist destinations. Various destinations ranging from batik to natural attractions available with affordable budget. This is can you see from the number of visitor who perform backpacker activities to Jogja every year.

The attraction does make the trip is no longer synonymous with expensive things. One trick that many tourists do is to use cheap transportation, by train, to reduce costs. If you are planning to backpacker to Jogja by train, try to see some tips below.

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6 Things You Must Know On How to Get in to Yogyakarta by Train

1.      Plan your trip

The first thing you should do are to plan your trip. Whatever kind of transportation you will use in the end, planning your vacation since the day will make it easier for you to find lodging, and of course buy a tickets.

Well, if you are backpaker by train, planning your holiday since long days will make you easy to get cheap train ticket. The train tickets will usually be more expensive if you order a day before depart. If you get a cheap price for your train ticket, your vacation budget can be allocated for something else.

2.      Select the train

Since the availability of train tickets is limited, ordering from afar is an option for you who want to vacation with this transportation. For backpacker, the economy class can be the choice. Of course this is because the ticket price is relatively cheap compared to other class. Currently economic class is more comfortable with air conditioning and the seating number.

For you who want to leave from Jakarta, you can use Bengawan Solo and Gaya Baru Malam trains, while for you who want to leave at night you can use Progo train. For you who will depart from Bandung, you can ride Kahuripan train. Meanwhile, if you are from Surabaya, you can ride Logawa train.

3.      Book the tickets from afar

Currently, the train tickets can be booked 90 days before departure. Therefore you must book train tickets for your journey long before you leave. Especially if you are going to travel in peak-season or long weekend, the train tickets usually have to run out a month before the departure.

Especially with the economy class tickets, this tickets are often sold out long time ago. You can book the tickets at the official ticket agent, or at the station counter, or through the official site, and the official train ticket application.

4.      Try to stay close to the station

Staying near the station provides its own advantages. You can get to where you stay quickly and cheaply. In addition, some trains have schedules to arrive in Yogyakarta in the early morning, which certainly makes it difficult for you to reach if you stay away from the station.

In Yogyakarta, one of the areas that can be reached to stay is Sosrowijayan, near Malioboro. In this area, you can find cheap hotels and inns. You can reach this area from Tugu Yogyakarta Station by foot or by becak. If you depart from Lempuyangan Station, you can take a motorcycle taxi or take a taxi.

5.      Prepare the items to be brought

Another thing to note if you want to travel by train is your luggage. The luggage or baggage that every passenger can carry has a maximum weight of 20 kilograms. If your luggage exceeds, you must another additional fees.

You have to make sure to bring the essential items for the trip. One of them is a jacket or blanket. This is to anticipate if you feel cold with the temperature inside the train. In addition, if you travel by train, you must bring the ID card.

6.      Come to the station early

Currently, most of the stations are already using the boarding pass system. With the system, you have to print the boarding pass at the departure station earlier. Boarding pass can be printed between 12 hours to 10 minutes before the train departure. It is a good idea for come to the station early, so you don’t have to wait in line to print the boarding pass.

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