6 Tips to Get Happy Holiday with Family in Yogyakarta

6 Tips to Get Happy Holiday with Family in Yogyakarta

Having a vacation plan to Jogja with your toddler or children seems to be a hassle. Especially if your vacation plan location is quite far and take a long journey. Don’t panic immediately, if you prepare well, a vacation with children can be a fun experience. Here are tips for a comfortable holiday to Jogja with family.

6 Tips to Get Happy Holiday with Family in Yogyakarta

1.      Find Out an attraction in Jogja

Holiday tips to Jogja are comfortable if you choosing a tourist spot that suits with the child’s condition. If your child has a serious allergy, make sure the location of the holiday spot in Jogja will not cause new problems. Always carry medicine and find out the location of the nearest hospital if there is an emergency.

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2.      Select a Travel agent

Indeed, many advantages gained if you hired a travel agent. You don’t have to bother taking care of all the needs. Many travel agents that offer promo packages. However, keep in mind, don’t immediately tempted cheap prices. Choose a travel agency that already has a clear and reliable track record in Yogyakarta.

3.      Bring a strollers

Besides changing clothes, toys and children’s favorite foods, there are some must-have items that make your trips easier with children, such as strollers. The little one can freely sleep in his stroller comfortably. Choose a stroller that is not too heavy and easy to open.

4.      Don’t Forget Diapers

When you visit Jogja, don’t forget to bring diapers. During the holiday, you usually forget to bring and replace it when already leaked. Besides make children less comfortable, diapers that replaced late can trigger a rash. Bring this supply in with enough.

5.      Snack and Food

Travel to Jogja conveniently with your family is not complete without bring any child’s favorite snack. Especially if you go to tourist attractions in Jogja for a long time. Always bring a special food for the little. When you going to the tourist attractions in Jogja, better you prepare the need for your child.

6.      The attraction

There are many attraction in Yogyakarta that suit with your children, ranging from park or natural tourism. For example, you can bring your children to visit Kids Fun, Gembira Loka Zoo, Jogja Bay, and other. And the natural attractions like Mangunan Fruit Garden, Pine Forest, Breksi Cliffs, etc.

Or, you can visit to the beach in Jogja, the child must happy to play in white sand. They can make sand castles, look for shells, and bury their feet in the sand. In addition you can also sit back watching them.

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