6 Tips Traveling to Yogyakarta with a Limited Budget

6 Tips Traveling to Yogyakarta with a Limited Budget

Traveling is the most fun activities, especially when you travel with your girl/boyfriend. In addition to get out of the routine, this journey will make you know each other better. Well if you in the near future intend to make trips with mate, Yogyakarta could be an interesting destination.

Here you can enjoy the cultural attraction, nature, as well as culinary tour. Will be more fun again if the holidays to Yogyakarta only spend less budget. Yes, this can happen if you apply these 6 tips.

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6 Tips Traveling to Yogyakarta with a Limited Budget

1.      To save your pocket, don’t go during high season!

It’s forbidden for you to travel during high season with a minimum budget. In these times the price of lodging, transport costs, and accommodation can triple as much. Especially if you go to a place like Yogyakarta. Well it’s definitely cost more expensive.

Therefore, avoid periods of high season. In Yogyakarta, the high season usually is in late June until early July, or during school holidays. Other peak season is at the end of the year up to January. So, avoid that time!

2.      Find a friend, so you don’t need to spend money for lodging

To get cheap holiday in Yogyakarta, is don’t stay at the hotel. Even the hotel is cheap, but still cheaper if you not pay anything, right? You can contact your friends to stay at night. You can also follow Couchsurfing that allows you to stay at local residents.

3.      Hunting cheap food like a student

The advantage of holiday in Yogyakarta with minimal budget is the cheap price of food. There are many good culinary with friendly price. You can eat at burjo which is affordable, the price range from $0.5. There are also angkringan with affordable price. The cost of meals you need to spend about $0.4-1.

4.      Feel free to bid at Malioboro, even a bit sadist

Malioboro is one of the tourist magnets in Yogyakarta. There are many tourists coming here. For you who have never been to Yogyakarta, Malioboro is actually a street name containing shopping areas and street vendors. On this street, you can find a variety of goods, ranging from culinary, souvenirs, to the typical batik.

But sometimes the price is quite expensive compared to other. If your budget is limited, you have to bid the price deeply. For example, the batik priced $4, you can really bid at $1.5-2. Although it sounds sadistic, but you need to do this to get a good price. But, for the food price is not negotiable. This is only for clothes or souvenirs only.

5.      Bring your water everywhere

With a limited budget in Yogyakarta, you need to bring your drink from home. Though it’s cheap, but it fairly wasteful if you always buy. Just imagine, if in a day you need 3 bottles with cost $0.4, it means only for drinking water you have to allocate funds to $1.2. This cost more expensive if you buy softdrink or juice. So, it would be nice if you bring drinking water from home.

6.      Visit the cool tourist spot in cheap, even for free

Going to Yogyakarta with minimal cost will not make you bored, because there are many cheap tourist attraction. For example, if you want to travel to the temple but the entrance price of Prambanan Temple is expensive, just go to Ijo Temple or Ratu Boko Temple. These two temples have cheaper ticket.

If you go to Prambanan, you have to spend $4. In Ratu Boko Temple or Ijo Temple, the ticket price is only $1. For the quality, you don’t need to hesitate, these two temples are still cool. Also, Yogyakarta has a lot of free tourist attractions such as Alun-Alun Kidul, Zero Kilometer Zone, or Bukit Bintang.

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