7 Activities You Can Do in Yogyakarta According to Locals

7 Activities You Can Do in Yogyakarta According to Locals

Yogyakarta is one of the most popular destination for tourists. This city is one choice on the island of Java for, both for domestic and international tourists. There are many activities you can do in Jogja. Here are interesting activities in Jogja according to locals.

7 Activities You Can Do in Yogyakarta According to Locals

1.      Visit Prambanan Temple and other temples

Vacation to Jogjakarta must be inseparable from the visit to the greatest temples in Indonesia, which is Prambanan. Besides two famous temples, some other beautiful temples are also worth a visit is Ratu Boko temple and Ijo temple.

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2.      Hang out at South Square at night

The southern square of the palace of Jogjakarta looks beautiful and crowded at night. Some things can be done is to challenge yourself to try masangin myth. You can ride car-bike that decorated with colorful lights. The fun of the night can be closed by enjoying roasted corn or drink a wedang ronde.

3.      See the beaches at Gunung Kidul

It’s no secret that the beaches in Gunung Kidul are famous for the beauty. But, many beaches in Jogjakarta is not designed for swimming. But don’t worry, there are some beaches are that relatively safe to swim because the waves are not too big like Drini Beach and Ngrenehan Beach.

4.      Climb in Nglanggeran ancient volcano

Mount Nglanggeran is one of the happening places lately. To reach the top of mountain, you only need a 1.5 hour trekking. Beautiful scenery will be the sweetest gift at the top. It is recommended to climb at the afternoon, so you can enjoy the sunset from the top, but don’t forget to bring a flashlight.

5.      Adventure tour in Mount Merapi

Mount Merapi has its extraordinary charm. For you who want to explore Mount Merapi, Merapi Lava Tour can be an alternative way. On the lava tour you will be traveling around to the lava spot. If you want more challenging activities, then climbing to the top of Merapi could be an option. This activity usually starts at midnight to reach the peak before sunrise.

6.      Learn Javanese culture at Ullen Sentalu Museum

Ullen Sentalu Museum is the best museums in Indonesia according to TripAdvisor. The museum that located in Kaliurang focuses on the intangible cultural heritage of Java. This museum always assigns guides to museum visitors, usually for visitors grouped a maximum of 25 people.

7.      Ride a becak to get around

Becak (pedicab) is one of the interesting activities to do in Jogjakarta. The route that is usually taken is Malioboro Street, the zero point of Yogyakarta, then continues to the northern part of Keraton Jogja, and Taman Sari.

8.      Visit Taman Sari

Ride a pedicab is not complete without a visit to Taman Sari. Taman Sari consists of several buildings, bathing pools, water canals, and tunnels. Walking through the history and grandeur of the architecture of buildings in Taman Sari is one of the exciting activities that you have to do in Jogjakarta, but be careful to get lost.

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