7 Best Attractions in Yogyakarta to Spend Your Valentine

7 Best Attractions in Yogyakarta to Spend Your Valentine

Approaching Valentine’s Day, a couples usually will plan a surprise for their partner. Regardless of the pros and cons that include Valentine’s Day, the moments to express of affection for couples is necessary for each other to understand and more loving.

Even some couples plan to surprise them by proposing to their lovers or even formalizing their relationship. If you have a plan to surprise your partner, try to check out the most romantic spot in Jogja below.

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7 Best Attractions in Yogyakarta to Spend Your Valentine

1.      Mangunan Fruit Garden

The garden that located in Imogiri is a hilly area as a place of recreation. Mangunan Fruit Garden is precisely located at its peak. You can see the green stretches of the hills and the snaked river. If you are looking for a romantic moment here, just come when the sun sinks. Sunrise is the most special moment, you can act like Jack Dawson and Rose Bukater in Titanic movie.

2.      Becici Peak

Not far from Mangunan Fruit Garden, you can still see the views of the green hills. The surrounding environment is still beautiful and decorated with tall trees. There are some beautiful spots to take pictures, among others in the treehouse.

There are also decorative ornaments that provided for taking pictures. Here, you can enjoy the beautiful morning atmosphere, where the sunlight is tucked between the tree cracks, and sometimes the fog. You can also enjoy the atmosphere of the afternoon that is beautiful. At some points there is also a pretty romantic place.

3.      Rainbow Park

If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the night, accompanied by flickering lights and beautiful lampion in various forms, you can come to Taman Pelangi (rainbow park), in Monumen Jogja Kembali complex. Every night, hundreds of lanterns will be lit and you can enjoy the beauty. Invite your partner to take pictures in the dim light and get a romantic dinner.

4.      Ratu Boko Temple

No one dismissed the magical and romantic aura found in Ratu Boko temple. Every afternoon, always presented panoramic sunset. Ratu Boko temple used to serve as a place of meditation and pray for monks. Many couples who use this temple complex as the location of pre-wedding due the the romantic atmosphere in the afternoon.

5.      Kalibiru

Menoreh mountain panorama is beautifully presented from this tourist area. The green expanse of the tree and the coolness of the wind will add its own color when you express your love on the tree post. You can also enjoy the beauty of orange and purple tints as dusk comes, just before the sun hides.

6.      Embung Nglanggeran

Natural beauty is indeed able to be a romance spice. Try to go to the artificial lake in Patuk, Gunungkidul. Especially if you come at dusk, beautiful sky combined with decorative lights on the edge of the reservoir. Indeed, this reservoir developed as one tourist spot. The scenery here is too exotic to miss.

7.      Imogiri Pine Forest

If the impression of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan while in the forest are stuck in your memory, try to visit the pine forest not far from this Mangunan. You will be inspired to take a romantic walk, enjoy the coolness of the hills and the green trees. Nothing wrong if you give a special moment by walking among the towering tree.

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