7 Famous Spots in Yogyakarta for Photo Hunt

7 Famous Spots in Yogyakarta for Photo Hunt

Everyone who has a photography hobby are willing to travel far for good photo spot. Well, if you have a photography hobby and always looking for places of interest to produce beautiful photos? Just visit Yogyakarta.

If you are in Yogyakarta, there are some places for photo hunt which are now popular. These places will certainly can be your spot to hunt a picture when you’re in Jogja. Just note the following list.

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7 Famous Spots in Yogyakarta for Photo Hunt

1.      Ratu Boko Temple

Ratu Boko Temple is a photo hunting place in Jogja that has recently become famous. Initially, tourists just come here to see the relics. However, from day to day, many photographers also come here. This temple gives a very romantic feel, but still thick with historical touch. The sunset at Ratu Boko temple is the best time to make a beautiful picture.

2.      Embung Nglanggeran

Embung Nglanggeran was built not as a tourist attraction, more like a place to hunting photos. This artificial lake built to collect rainwater, and is used to irrigate a farm in the dry season. Due the panorama is so beautiful, Embung Nglanggeran then opened as a public attraction. This place is very Instagram-able. Many people come here to hunt photos, especially at sunset.

3.      Imogiri Pine Forest

Ever seen the Twilight movie? Well, in the Twlight movie, many scenes are taking in the pine forest. To be able to photograph pine forest as beautiful as in Twilight movie, you do not need to go abroad. There is also a pine forest commonly used as a location of photo hunting, Imogiri Pine Forest. This forest is close to the scene in Twilight movie.

4.      Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo

Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo has long existed and widely known. However, if you want a photo with a different feel, the feel of a desert, then this place is a suitable. Yes, there is a desert in Yogyakarta. Many photographers come here to just hunting photos. Besides being a place of photo hunting, this desert is also a great place to try sandboarding sport.

5.      Watu Lumbung

The access to Watu Lumbung is not easy, so this beach is rarely visited by tourist. Watu Lumbung is good place for photo hunt. This beach is quite unique because there is no sand beach, there are only ranks of rocks and hills. There is Kampung Edukasi with Kedai Wedangan, a stall with the shape resembles a tree house.

6.      Slili Beach

This beach is located in Gunung Kidul, a tourist area that rarely visited by tourists. Slili Beach is a very beautiful place for photo hunt. The beach itself is not too crowded and looks beautiful with white sand.

Many couples also choose Slili Beach to do pre-wedding photos. There are also photo spots resembling a heart-shaped frame. This spot is often used by couples to take pictures. Every angle will be amazing if you do it on Slili Beach.

7.      Kalibiru

Kalibiru is the most popular photo hunting place in Jogja. From amateur photographer to the professional must have captured the beauty panorama of Kalibiru. The most favorite spot is the viewing post, where you can enjoy all the landscape.

There is no special time to come here, because the panorama is always interesting. From the view post, you can enjoy the view of Sermo Reservoir that looks natural, especially when covered with a thin haze.

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