7 Most Popular Places to Eat Gudeg in Yogyakarta

7 Most Popular Places to Eat Gudeg in Yogyakarta

What is the typical Jogja food that you must taste while in this city? Certainly, is gudeg. There is something less if you going to Yogyakarta without eating gudeg directly. However, there are tens to hundreds of places to eat gudeg in Yogyakarta.

Many of tourists don’t know which gudeg is recommended. As a guide for you who want to go to Yogyakarta, here’s a list of places to eat delicious gudeg in Jogja. In fact, this place is very popular among food lovers.

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7 Most Popular Places to Eat Gudeg in Yogyakarta

1.      Gudeg Pawon

Good place to eat delicious gudeg is Gudeg Pawon. The name Gudeg Pawon is taken from its location. Pawon is Javanese language, means kitchen. Even this stall opens at late night, but the visitors are crowded and they are willing to queue. In Gudeg Pawon, you can see the traditional process of making gudeg. Gudeg Pawon is located at Janturan Street, Warungboto, Umbulharjo.

2.      Gudeg Yu Djum

Talking about delicious gudeg and famous in Yogyakarta, you definitely will not forget this legend, Gudeg Yu Djum. With delicious flavor, Gudeg Yu Djum became one of the famous gudeg in this city. Gudeg Yu Djum also processed by traditional way to maintain its taste. The address of Gudeg Yu Djum is on Dagen Street, No. 2C, Malioboro.

3.      Gudeg Manggar

There is a different place to eat gudeg in Jogja. Gudeg is generally based on young jackfruit, but Gudeg Manggar made from manggar, young coconut flowers. The shape is slightly textured but feels right on the tongue. Because of its uniqueness, Gudeg Manggar become one of the gudeg eat place that you must try. Gudeg Manggar is located at Srandhakan Street, km 8, Bantul.

4.      Gudeg Sagan

Gudeg Sagan is wet gudeg. The characteristic of this gudeg is a portion of areh sauce that quite a lot. For lovers of wet gudeg, Gudeg Sagan is very most recommended. Besides the gudeg flavor, the atmosphere in Gudeg Sagan is very comfortable. The address of Gudeg Sagan is on Prof. Dr. Herman Yohanes Street, Depok, Yogyakarta.

5.      Gudeg Mercon Bu Tinah

During this time, gudeg known for its sweet taste. In contrast to Gudeg Mercon Bu Tinah that served with a spicy flavor. In fact, the spicy will make your mouth burn. This gudeg stall is open at 9 pm, but 30 minutes before the shop open many buyers are queuing. Gudeg Mercon Bu Tinah is at Asam Gede Street, no. 8, Jetis.

6.      Gudeg Permata Bu Pujo

Gudeg Permata sauce here is not too dry as other, and the aroma of coconut milk is very thick. Gudeg Permata has been open in this area since 1951. Gudeg Permata provides complete side dishes, ranging from tofu, tempeh, pindang, eggs, wings, and many more. Gudeg Permata Bu Pujo located on Gajah Mada Street, Yogyakarta.

7.      Gudeg Kendil Bu Tjitro

Not just delicious, Gudeg Kendil Bu Tjitro also offers a comfortable place to eat. This is one of the best gudeg in Yogyakarta that must be visited. This stall is very complete, equipped with fried sambal krecek, soybean tempe, egg duck, and chicken eggs. Many tourists who stop here to enjoy Gudeg Kendil Bu Tjitro. Gudeg Kendil Bu Tjitro is on Janti Street No. 330.


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