7 New Spots in Yogyakarta to Take a Break for Moment

7 New Spots in Yogyakarta to Take a Break for Moment

Dlingo is a district in Bantul that is rich in tourist attractions, especially about natural tourist attractions. The name of Dlingo may not be too familiar to the ear. However, for the people of Yogyakarta and its surroundings, Dlingo is certainly known with the hills.

Dlingo, Bantul, famous with a refreshing natural panorama and some of the viewing post that became a mainstay. After Mangunan Fruit Garden and pine forest of Mangunan, Dlingo is lately increasingly to promote a number of new tourist spots with a viewing post that is believed to popular.

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7 New Spots in Yogyakarta to Take a Break for Moment

1.      The romantic viewing post of Panguk Hill

This hill is located in Watu Lawang Cliff, precisely in Kediwung, Mangunan, Dlingo, Bantul. Panguk Hill gives its own sensation. You can see the exotic natural scenery especially in the afternoon. A blend of afternoon light, green trees and Oya river flow into a cultivated landscape.

2.      Sunset in view point’s Mojo Hill

This hill is located in Gumelem, Mangunan, Dlingo, Bantul. As well as Panguk Hill’s viewpoint, the viewpoint of Bukit Mojo is also presenting a beautiful natural scenery. The afternoon is the best time to be in this place. No wonder many young people spend the afternoon in this place. Here also has a pretty sunset.

3.      Hunting sunrise at Watu Mabur Cliff

Watu Mabur Cliff is located in Goa Gajah area, precisely in Lemahabang, Mangunan, Dlingo, Bantul. Watu Mabur Cliff is still fairly new tours. Spacious and comfortable spot makes this place cool for camping, especially this place has an epic sunrise. Well, for you who are camping and forget to bring a tent, there a tents rental services.

4.      There is a thin mist for you at Becici Peak

Becici Peak is located on Gunung Cilik, Gunung Mutuk, Dlingo, Bantul. Here you will be treated to many pine forest that towering high. Here is also cool and refreshing, suitable for you who want to find a peace. If the weather is sunny, you can see the exotic landscape between Mount Merapi, Mount Sindoro, and rice fields. And it will be more exotic if a thin fog begins to come.

5.      Decorate your Instagram with the background of Menawa Cliff

Menawa Cliff is located in Dlingo, Bantul. The viewpoint is still a mainstay spot. The new spot in Dlingo seems to be especially reserved to take a selfie. It is seen from the unique and stunning viewing post. Afternoon time is the best time to be in this place. With an afternoon sky landscape decorated with golden light would be a beauty for anyone who took pictures here.

6.      Harvesting miss in Watu Lawang Hill

Waktu Lawang Hill has a natural feel of the poetic, no wonder if there are many couples enjoy. Just like some other spots that exist in Dlingo, Watu Lawang also has the viewing post as a mainstay spot to take pictures of selfie. If the sky is not cloudy, you can see the landscape of Bantul, a rice field, green trees, and hills in Gunung Kidul.

7.      Hunting sunset or milkyway on Bego Hill

Well, before you go to Mangunan, there is a stunning spot for the traveler. Bego Hill is the name. The location is right on the main road to Mangunan area. Bego Hill is located at Kedung Buweng, Wukirsari, Imogiri, Bantul. Due the location is strategic, this spot becomes a transit place for the traveler.

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