7 The Most Hits Yogyakarta Tourist Attractions

7 The Most Hits Yogyakarta Tourist Attractions

Long weekend in a minute! Do you have any plans where to go at the holidays? Make sure the tickets are already bought and all the holiday supplies are all fulfilled! For you who have decided to go to Jogja to fill your long weekend, check out 7 most tourist attractions in Jogja this hits!

7 The Most Hits Yogyakarta Tourist Attractions

1.      Beautiful natural scenery in Kalibiru attraction

Not only in Jogja city, you have to go to Kulon Progo, exactly in Kalibiru attraction. There is a really iconic photo spots. You can pose with the amazing view of the Sermo Reservoir as the background.

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2.      Ijo Temple, efficient attraction to get rid of tired

Want to a free temple? Yes, only in Ijo Temple. The difficult journey to this place will be paid by the beauty of the temple stone with the landscape. Make sure you come at the sun sets!

3.      The cool and calm atmosphere of Mangunan Pine Forest

One of the tourist attractions in Yogyakarta that hits is Mangunan Pine Forest. There is a stage built from wood, so that the natural atmosphere really get! Anyway, you must be here!

4.      Let’s dive and play water at Nglambor Beach

For snorkeling enthusiast and beach tour in Jogja, Nglambor Beach in Gunung Kidul is the right choice! You can feel the thrill of diving and see the beautiful sea biota.

5.      Breksi Cliffs, when the mine site can be beautiful

On the road to Ijo Temple, there are places of interest that are too dear to miss! This Breksi cliff are really cool for you to capture, there is also a rock stage that is often used as a concert venue!

6.      See contemporary art work at Jogja National Museum

One of these new museums presents various contemporary art works created by artists. Jogja National Museum is also often used for cool events, always check the calendar to get the interesting event!

7.      Walking in Malioboro

The main shopping center in the city of Yogyakarta is not to be missed. People say you are not in Jogja if never stop by at Malioboro. Here are the paradise of various crafts and culinary attractions.

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