7 Tips Frugal Holiday in Yogyakarta

7 Tips Frugal Holiday in Yogyakarta

Traveling is now one of the basic needs for everyone. Because, with a trip to the sights, you can eliminate all the fatigue and stress, due to daily business. Unfortunately, many still think that this activity requires a lot of cost.

So some people choose not to spend their time off with a trip. In fact, you can try a holiday with backpacker style to be more efficient when traveling. Here are tips on backpacker style holidays that you can try in Yogyakarta.

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7 Tips Frugal Holiday in Yogyakarta

1.      Determine the destination

If your travel budget is limited, you can go to a place that is easy to reach and not drain the bag. No need to go far away, you can choose a tourist attraction in the city such as Keraton Jogja, Malioboro, Taman Sari, Vredeburg Fort, Beringharjo Market, or others.

2.      Transportation

Don’t be lazy to find a ticket promo on travel website every day. Therefore, it can help you to save budget while traveling. In addition, minimize the use of taxis. It is better to choose public transport such as bus or train that ticket price is certain. Besides public transportation, if the location of one attraction is quite close, you also set out on foot.

3.      Eat and drink

This section often costs a lot during the holidays. To save expenses, remember yourself when traveling don’t need to snack and spend money. To avoid the desire to buy snacks, you can do it by bringing supplies and enough dry food from home. Also, don’t forget to bring bottles to anywhere.

4.      Lodging

A backpacker-style holiday does not require you to stay in expensive hotels. Stay in a simple place like a hostel or a homestay. Therefore, the cost of rent is much cheaper than a hotel or resort. In addition, it is better to choose a place to stay that close to tourist destinations.

5.      Places of interest

Choose a place that has cheap and even free entrance tickets like Tugu Jogja, Malioboro, Zero Point Zone, Yogyakarta’s Square, and other. In addition, note the season of your departure. Therefore, the price of admission of tourist attractions will usually be more expensive in the holiday season.

6.      Learning the local language

One way to save expenses is to buy and transactions with local language. Usually if the bargaining process is done in the local language, the seller will feel happy and proud. Besides that, using the local language allows you to get a discount when you bid for something.

7.      Bring enough goods

Customize the items to be carried with the purpose and the length of your trip. Don’t carry too many of your luggage. It’s not only make trouble, too much bring any stuff even make you risk paying more luggage.

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