7 Tricks Frugal Shopping in Malioboro Yogyakarta

7 Tricks Frugal Shopping in Malioboro Yogyakarta

A shopping paradise for domestic and international tourists. A shopping paradise that can make a person go crazy in shopping. At least that’s what you will feel when traveling to this city. Almost all the unique batik and ethnic are suit to be souvenir.

Malioboro is suit for you who have shopping hobby. Some things do need to be considered when step your foot in one of the most popular street in Jogja. Your consumptive shopping and your desires must be suppressed as much as possible.

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7 Tricks Frugal Shopping in Malioboro Yogyakarta

1.      List of souvenirs to be purchased

There are many typical Jogja souvenir that you can choose, such as Dagadoe shirt, leather bag or water hyacinth bag, leather puppet, key holder, and other accessories. Various souvenirs are unique and can only be found in Jogja, but keep your wallet not to drain deeper.

2.      Be smart in determining the price

Try to bid 50% lower than the price offered, because if calculated, the trader would have raised the price doubled. In order to get a more slanted price, you must bid a price well below that percentage. Sometimes you have to be sadistic to bid the price.

3.      Don’t show if you are tourists

Believe it or not, your appearance also affects the price of the goods. You can get the same goods with different prices if you act like new. Just wearing your everyday clothes like local people. Traders usually raise the prices higher to tourists, because they are considered blind about the price.

4.      Learn the local language, at least to bid on goods

Try to learn the basics of Java language, so it will be easier to bargain the goods. When you come to a place, there’s no harm to learn a few languages ​​for standard conversation, at least to bargain things to make you more appeared as a local.

5.      Act like you don’t need it

Try to keep you from being seen as a person who needs the goods. The more you wants the goods, the more expensive the merchant will be. If you targeted an ethnic bag made from hyacinth, if you looking so desperate for the goods, the merchant took the advantage by raising the price higher. They know if you want a good, there are 80% chance of buying the goods.

6.      Don’t be tempted

The keychain is $0.4, or buy one get one. You will hear this offer every time if you walking on Malioboro. Your shopping hobby will be thoroughly tested. Just a suggestion from people who have long lived in Jogja, just don’t get tempted.

7.      Don’t focus only on one seller

If you don’t get the appropriate price of the desired item, remember the 5th point. If the merchant does not call you back, don’t be disappointed because there are many traders along the street selling the same item.

Shopping does require an art, an art of holding back the desire to buy, and the art of bargaining. To master all the techniques, the basic thing is to recognize and understand the local culture, including the language, because it will be very helpful when you are traveling in Malioboro.

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