8 Famous Tourism Village in Yogyakarta with Its Specialty

8 Famous Tourism Village in Yogyakarta with Its Specialty

Yogyakarta is known as one of the cities in Indonesia which has many interesting places to visit, one of them is natural attractions, historical sights, family attractions, and many more. However, among them, there is one type of tourism that can’t be missed, which is tourism village attractions.

Although Yogyakarta is one of the smallest province in Java Island, but this province remains a beautiful area because it is surrounded by mountains and beaches with beautiful natural scenery. Yogyakarta has one four districts. However, Yogyakarta consists of several tourism villages that quite a lot.

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Most of the tourism villages in Jogja have its own characteristics. Some tourism village in Jogja even always crowded by tourists who want to know more about the culture, habits, and other. There are dozens of tourism villages, but these villages mostly visited among others.

8 Famous Tourism Village in Yogyakarta with Its Specialty

1.      Kasongan Tourism Village

Many tourists already knew about Kasongan Tourism Village that located in ​​Kajen, Bangunjiwo, Kasihan, Bantul. To get to Kasongan Village, you must travel about 7 km’s from downtown Jogja. Kasongan is a village famous for its earthenware and pottery production.

Therefore, this village usually visited by many tourists who are pottery lovers to serve as collectibles. Not only that, if you come to this village, you can learn how to make pottery craft directly.

2.      Krebet Tourism Village

Jogja is one of the cities in Indonesia which is famous for its batik production. To be able to see the process of making it directly, you must visit Krebet Tourism Village. In this village, you can find batik pattern in unusual media, which is batik on wood media.

For long time, Krebet Tourism Village was famous as a place of wooden batik. To come to this village, you can follow the route to Goa Selarong. The location is not too far from Goa Selarong.

3.      Manding Tourism Village

Parangtritis Beach is a tourism icon in Yogyakarta. After coming to Parangtritis Beach, you should not miss to come to Manding Tourism Village. The village of Manding is located not far from Parangtritis Beach, which precisely located at Parangtritis Street km 11.

The name Manding itself was chosen because this village is a center of manding handicraft. Manding is handicraft made of leather. By coming to this village, you can buy manding as souvenirs, such as wallets, shoes, bags, leather jackets and so forth.

4.      Candran Tourism Village

One of village in Jogja presents some things that can’t be found in other is Candran Tourism Village with the natural nuances of agriculture. Candran village located in Mandingan, Kebonagung, Imogiri, Bantul. This village is indeed famous as a very pleasant village tour.

The tourists who visit Candran Village can try to farm traditionally. In this village, there is also a museum that stored traditional agricultural equipment. So, you can see directly what tools are commonly used by farmers in this village.

5.      Nglinggo Tourism Village

The region in Indonesia which is famous for its tea plantations is Bogor. However, in Yogyakarta, you can also enjoy the view of the tea garden located in Nglinggo, located in Pagerharjo, Samigaluh, not far from Suroloyo Peak.

Nglinggo village is in the highlands, so it is suitable as a green tea plantation. When you want to take a tour in Nglinggo Tourism Village, you can see the expanse of green tea plantations and beautiful. There is also Watu Jenggol waterfall that you can visit.

6.      Tanjung Tourism Village

One of the villages located in Sleman. Tanjung has been inaugurated as a tourism village since 2001. Tanjung is a tourism village in Jogja that precisely located about 5 km’s from Monumen Jogja Kembali.

Similar to the village of Candran, in this village the majority of its citizens are farmers. So you can see and can try to do farming activities. Interestingly, while doing a village tour, you can see directly how the traditional atmosphere of Java is still very thick. In Tanjung Tourism Village you can see Joglo house that has been stood for 200 years.

7.      Karang Tengah Tourism Village

If you want to see cashew plantations in the city of Jogja, you should take a tour in Karang Tengah Tourism Village. Karang Tengah Village is located in Mojolegi, Karang Tengah, Imogiri. This village was famous with wide cashew plantation.

You can see cashew plantations as far as you can see. Not only that, you will also feel how to plant cashew trees and you can follow the tour packages offered in this village. There are a number of homestay provided for visitor to stay in Karang Tengah Tourism Village.

8.      Trumpon Tourism Village

Salak is one of many types of fruit that has many fans. For you who want to pick the fruit directly from the plant, you should not miss to travel to Trumpon Tourism Village. Trumpon Village is a rural area located in Merdikurejo, Tempel, Sleman.

Trumpon Village is indeed famous for salak pondoh that produced by the farmers. You are not only go around to salak pondoh plantation, but you can pick salak pondoh and eat it directly. In addition, you can see the incredible natural scenery of this village.


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