8 Kinds of Typical Snack from Yogyakarta

8 Kinds of Typical Snack from Yogyakarta

What you look for when visiting Yogyakarta? A typical souvenir of Jogja, interesting sights, or culinary that always rocked your tongue? Yes, everything about Jogja is very interesting to discuss. In fact, everything inside Jogja will makes you return to Jogja again. There are also typical snack from Jogja. In fact, one of these snacks is the Sultan’s favorite.

8 Kinds of Typical Snack from Yogyakarta

1.      Bakpia

Bakpia is a typical Jogja snack, as well as souvenirs that are usually hunted by visitor. The contents of bakpia is diverse, ranging from cheese, chocolate, and durian. You need to know, the outer layer of bakpia from Jogja is not too fragile, so it won’t fall if you bite. This is because the qualified ingredients.

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2.      Jadah Manten

Overall, jadah manten also taste of glutinous rice, but this snack is filled with beef or chicken. Then, the cake is clamped with bamboo and burned until the aroma is out. Jadah manten is a must-buy snack when you’re in Jogja. This cake is more delicious if you eat in a warm.

3.      Jadah Tempe

Did you know that this traditional snack is the favorite snack of the Sultan? In the past, this snack sold only in the slopes of Mount Merapi. However, after the Sultan tasted, jadah tempe became known. In fact, he sent his guard to buy jadah tempe to Kaliurang.

Jadah tempe is made from sticky rice served with tofu and tempeh bacem. Well, although in Jogja has a lot to sell this snack, but Jadah Tempe Mbah Carik is the most famous in this city.

4.      Lemper Bakar

In general, lemper is processed by steaming, then can be immediately eaten. However, in Kulon Progo, there is an interesting snack that is also a wet lemper. However, the lemper is served by burning until the banana leaves are blackish.

Meanwhile, the basic ingredients make the burned lemper exactly the same as the lemper in general, which are sticky rice, chicken meat, and coconut milk. The difference, the fragrant aroma of burning lemper is thicken. In fact, you will definitely feel like to add more.

5.      Semar Mendem

Well, what is the relationship between Semar and typical Jogja snacks? Some say that this name comes from Semar who likes to eat until somewhat drunk. At first glance, this snack is similar to the rolled dumplings, or omelet. Meanwhile, the inside of the cake is the same as lemper, the sticky rice contains chicken.

6.      Meniran

This traditional snacks is also interesting to try. Meniran is a typical Wonosari wet snack, Gunung Kidul. This snack is made from a combination of rice, coconut milk, grated coconut, and salt. Meniran snack is usually served for treats, but some are taking it as a souvenir. Besides the cheap price, this snack also has a flavor that suit with the tongue.

7.      Kipo

There are interesting one in traditional market of Jogja. Kipo is a wet snack that is baked. This is contrast with most types of wet cakes that processed by steaming. This one has a legit and tasty flavor. Kipo comes from glutinous rice combined with coconut milk, brown sugar, and pandanus leaf water. The texture of this snack is quite chewy.

8.      Lupis

While hunting a typical snack from Jogja, don’t forget to try lupis. This is a traditional snack that you can find easily. The basic ingredient of lupis is glutinous rice steamed with banana leaves. Once cooked, lupis is served with grated coconut and brown sugar. At first glance, this snack is similar to klepon or cenyl, but still different flavor.

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