8 Must-Visit Attractions in Yogyakarta During Holiday

8 Must-Visit Attractions in Yogyakarta During Holiday

Jogja is one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia that there is no end. Interestingly again, the various tourist attractions in this beautiful city has improved well. In fact, it is usual for Jogja to be the destination for international tourist. Here are some tourist attraction in Jogja to put in your holiday list!

8 Must-Visit Attractions in Yogyakarta During Holiday

1.      Taman Sari

Formerly Taman Sari is an exotic bathing location that also serves as a refuge from enemy attacks. Now everyone can visit Taman Sari which has three large bath pools. There are various interesting spots, one of which is the underground mosque that is shaped like a circular aisle.

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2.      Prambanan temple

Prambanan Temple is one of the historical relics that so phenomenal in Jogja. In the year 1991 ago, the Hindu Temple is designated as a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Beside to enjoying the glorious history, Prambanan Temple is also known for the world-famous Ramayana Ballet.

3.      Parangtritis Beach

One of the coastal tourism icon in Jogja is Parangtritis Beach. Especially now this beach is also equipped with a name board to take a picture. In addition, the beach is known for jingking chips that so legendary. Parangtritis Beach also became one of the best spots to enjoy the Jogja Air Show, an annual event that presents a variety of aerospace attractions.

4.      Imogiri Pine Forest

At the beginning of 2015, the feed of various media was startled with beautiful photographs laid out pine forest tourist area. Since becoming a trending topic, Imogiri Pine Forest became one of the famous attraction. To get epic picture, some tourists bring hammocks as one of photography property.

5.      Kasongan

Kasongan is one of pottery craft centers in Jogja. Here you can find a variety of art products such as antique jars, tableware sets, to a wide selection of wedding souvenirs at low price that is quite tempting. The tourist area located on Bantul Street km 6.5 is also close to other Jogja tourist icons such as Krebet wooden batik craft center.

6.      South Square

South Square is one of the tourist attraction in Jogja that there is no end. In the morning, this place used as a sports location or a cheap breakfast. In the afternoon this place transformed into one of the cheap hawker center in Jogja. At night, this place turned into one of the family attractions. The presence of odong-odong or ornamental bike add more interesting atmosphere.

7.      Merapi Lava Tour

Merapi Lava Tour is one of the adrenaline attraction that steal many attention of the tourists while in Jogja. In the off-road tour by riding jeep car, you will be invited to enjoy a variety of natural beauty around ​​Mount Merapi, such as visiting Museum Sisa Hartaku, witnessed Site of Human Face Stone, see Kaliadem bunker, and enjoy the view of Merapi.

8.      Nglambor Beach

Nglambor Beach is the most popular snorkeling alternative in Jogja. This beach finally became the new attraction of coastal tourism in Jogja. Interestingly again, around the beach, there are also snorkeling equipment rental services at very affordable prices. So if you want a cheap snorkeling, just come to Jogja!

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