8 New Attractions in Yogyakarta for Your Holidays

8 New Attractions in Yogyakarta for Your Holidays

1.      Pengger Pine Forest

Pinus Pengger is in Sendang Sari, Terong, Dlingo, Bantul. Beside you can enjoy the pine tree forest arranged nicely, there is also cave with traces of tiger claws. At the edge of the forest there Watu Ngadek, a stone located on the edge of the cliff. Being here must be cool and fresh.

2.      Pesanggrahan Warungboto Site

Warungboto Site used to be a resting place or guest house of the second king of Jogja. Like Taman Sari, this place has a water park and a pool. The location is on Jalan Veteran no 77, Umbulharjo. Looking at the architecture and imagine its function in the past will provide a unique experience.

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3.      Tembelan Gorge

Tembelan gorge is still very new. This attraction located in Kanigoro, Mangunan, Bantul. Its location is adjacent to the famous Mangunan Fruit Garden. The view at Tembelan Gorge is really cool, you can enjoy the view of the River Ello and green hills from a height. There is viewing post and gazebo that could be your mainstay to enjoy the sunrise.

4.      Kedung Kandang

There is another waterfall which certainly offers a cool atmosphere and natural scenery in Gunung Kidul. Precisely in Gunungbutak, Nglanggeran, Pathuk. Interestingly, the water that flows in this waterfall downs seven times before falling to the ground. Its location around the rice fields add fresh atmosphere.

5.      Watu Mabur Cliff

Called Watu Mabur because the stone looks floated in the morning when the valley covered with mist. This attraction is located in Lemahabang, Mangunan, Dlingo, Bantul. This place is suitable for you who like camping, from above you will see the natural scenery and Oyo River.

6.      Randusari Waterfall

For you who want to play water, Waterfall in Rejosari, Jatimulyo, Dlingo, Bantul, this could be an option. Waterfall in Randusari is really suitable for you who want to play water in a cool natural atmosphere, beautiful and calm. It’s guaranteed your mind can be fresh out.

7.      Jungwok Beach

The beach at Gunung Kidul is really good. This beach is not really a new place, but could be an option if you want to explore the beach at Gunung Kidul. Jungwok Beach is located in Jepitu, Girisubo, Gunung Kidul. The atmosphere is still relatively quiet. Curved and wide coastline offers a unique atmosphere and fun.

8.      Lampion Park at Kaliurang Postview

If you want to feel the cool air Kaliurang and unique scenery at night, just come to Gardu Pandang in Kaliurang. In the evening, colorful lanterns laid out in such a way will glow beautifully, the complete atmosphere of the typical night of Kaliurang. This park is in Hargobinangun, Pakem, Sleman.

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