8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Yogyakarta as Your Destination

8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Yogyakarta as Your Destination

Why you should visit Jogja? Many people are happy to hear this city. Yups, Jogja can give you an expression of happiness. If asked how come? Obviously because Jogja is full of tourist attractions that always amaze the visitors with culture. Besides the culture, here some reasons why you must visit Jogja.

8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Yogyakarta as Your Destination

1.      Prambanan Temple

It is the first tourist destination you should visit, this temple was built in the 9th century AD and one of the largest Hindu temple built in Indonesia. Temple located on Prambanan, Bokoharjo, Sleman, and is one of the world heritage sites and one of the grandest Hindu Temple in Southeast Asia.

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2.      Ijo Temple

About Jogjakarta, maybe you often hear Prambanan Temple. But in Jogja, there are many more temples that have not been exposed, one of them is ijo temple. From this temple, you can see the beautiful scenery of the city of Jogja. This temple was built in the 9th century AD. The access to ijo temple is very easy, just go to Groyokan, Sambirejo, Prambanan, sleman.

3.      Ratu Boko Temple

Ratu Boko temple is the best temple to visit. Besides the historical relic, this temple also presents the beauty of sunset scenery. The shape of Ratu Boko Temple is a former palace with a several buildings. This temple is 3 km’s away from Prambanan Temple.

4.      Parangtritis Beach

This is the famous beach in Jogja, the specialty of Parangtritis Beach presents beautiful scenery of large waves, and the sand dune around Parangtritis Beach. Don’t have to worry about the place to stay, because the beach has many inns. Parangtritis Beach is located in Kretek, Bantul.

5.      Parangkusumo Beach

This beach is slightly different from other beaches in Jogja, because the beach is famous for its myth. At the time of ritual labuan and melasti, this is a very good time to visit this beach. Among the locals, this beach is a sacred. This beach is located in Parangtritis, Kretek, Bantul.

6.      Pantai Ngobaran

The beach is located in Kanigoro, Saptosari, Gunung Kidul. The beauty of this beach can be enjoyed when the sea water is receding. You will see a small ponds of coral and the beauty of algae cover the coral reefs. And many fish or other marine biota you can find.

7.      Pandansari Beach

This beach has a high lighthouse and can be climbed through the stairs. This beach also shows the beautiful pine trees that grow thick. Besides the charm of lighthouses and sea pine trees, this coastal area also presents the charm of red dragon fruit garden. Pandansari Beach is in Sanden, Gadingsari, Bantul.

8.      Cerme Cave

This cave is located in Srunggo, Imogiri, Bantul. This horizontal cave has length about 1.5 km’s, and you can enter to explore it. Cerme Cave is located in Ploso, Gunung Kidul. This cave has an underground river, beautiful stalactite and stalagmite.

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