8 Things to Do In Yogyakarta at Night in the City

8 Things to Do In Yogyakarta at Night in the City

Jogja is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia from various regions. Jogja is famous since the attractions still not bored to visit. Especially when the tourist attraction in Jogja increase rapidly and growing well. Surely there are many new tourist attraction that have sprung up.

Some young people also seem to like to travel and explore Jogja, both in the day and night. If you are interested to visit Jogja at night, here are some good night attraction Jogja at the city to be explored in the dark.

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8 Things to Do In Yogyakarta at Night in the City

1.      Bukit Bintang

There is a hill that can be used to see the beauty of Jogja at night from highland. The place is Bukit Bintang. This hill is popular among young people. The location of this hill is in Gunung Kidul. From here, you can see the full landscape of Jogja and also the beautiful stars.

2.      Malioboro

Malioboro at night also has its own charm in the eyes. Every night, Malioboro always crowded by visitors. Malioboro Street is a typical and iconic tour in Jogja at night. You can walk along the area while shopping or enjoy a culinary tour. Though, many street musicians are unique and creative that expands their artwork such as singing and dancing.

3.      Alun-Alun Kidul

One of the tourist spots that visited by many people during the night is Alun-Alun Kidul, or south square. There are many things to do. One is to rent an ornamental bicycle and get around. In addition, tourists in the square can also enjoy culinary tour, because there are many food traders.

4.      Nol Kilometer

Who said Nol Kilometer, or Zero Kilometer, can only be enjoyed during the day? At night, this spot is also crowded by people. Zero Kilometer Jogja which is strategically located has many Dutch buildings around it. In Zero Kilometer during the night, this area seems often used by young people to hang out.

5.      Tugu Jogja

The monument is located not far from Malioboro, and usually visited by tourists at night. This monument is an icon Jogja. Tourists who stop there are usually only to hunt for photos. This is because the light at night in this monument will make the photos become more beautiful.

6.      Taman Pelangi Monjali

Monjali is a Monumen Jogja Kembali located on the north ring road. Monjali has a park called Taman Pelangi. Taman Pelangi is able to be visited by tourists at night with a beautiful atmosphere. There are many lanterns of different shapes that emit colorful light.

7.      Art Performances of Ramayana at Prambanan

Know Prambanan Temple? Then try to visit it at night because there is Ramayana Art Performance. This art performance can be enjoyed by tourists, and the experience gained will be more meaningful. This show will feature a dramatic, decorated with spotlights with the background of the exotic Prambanan Temple.

8.      North Square

Not only in the South Square, the atmosphere of North Square at night can be more dramatic, especially when the cultural festival comes. This location can be visited by walking southwards from the Zero Kilometer point.

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