8 Tips to Explore Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta

8 Tips to Explore Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta

For you who still don’t know where to go to vacation, just have a holiday to Jogja. Jogja, especially Gunung Kidul, presents many cool destinations that can drive your fatigue. Water attraction, culinary, culture, education, until the anti-mainstream tourism.

Well, if you want more to explore Jogja, especially Gunung Kidul, you should find lodging for overnight. The budget of lodging is fit in your pocket and comfortable enough for vacation. But, in the holiday you will surely have trouble finding lodging because it is full. Relax, let’s follow this tips to find cheap lodging.

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8 Tips to Explore Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta

1.      Finding an attraction

There are many choices of attraction in Gunung Kidul like nature tour, beach tour, special interest tour, water tour, cultural and historical tourism, tourism village, etc. Some information about location, map, route, distance and travel time can be searched from everywhere.

2.      Determining an attraction

Make a priority and choose the targeted attraction. Define with certainty, don’t force to visit other attraction beyond the plan as it will change all the preparations that have been made. The length of the beach area in Gunung Kidul is about 70 km(s).

The number of beaches approximately 56 beaches with different terrain conditions. While other attraction are scattered in various regions, so it is not possible to visit many locations in a short time. The solution, arrange a schedule to visit some attraction only.

3.      Preparing the equipment

Create a checklist of equipment to be carried by the destination type. To the beach, bring a change of clothes. To the mount, carrying support equipment like a tent and so on. The supporting equipment including sunblock, skin protector, glasses, medicines, anti-mosquito cream while camping, hats, jackets, communication tools, cameras, GPS, etc.

4.      Choosing the right transport

The location of Gunung Kidul is hilly and many bends. Although the main road is good enough, but there are some attraction with rocky road and still narrow. The right choice of transport will facilitate the journey, time and energy efficiency.

5.      Preparing food and beverage

Newly developed and lesser-known, many facilities on some attractions are limited, including the availability of food and beverage stalls. Anticipate this by bringing supplies before arriving at the destination. Don’t worry, in many attractions, there already available food stalls.

6.      Preparing physical, mental, and health

Physical conditions associated with the type of attraction to be addressed (mountains, caves, beaches etc), the type of vehicle used (bicycle, motorcycle, car), the type of tourism activities (camping, cruising, cave-tubing, etc).

The natural characteristics of Gunung Kidul form of mountains with many corners and rocky road (specifically for attraction in remote area) can make you tired or stressed. It takes physical, mental, and health readiness.

7.      Don’t be ashamed to ask

Before traveling ask in detail the picture of the condition of an attraction to friends or family who have been to visit. If you get doubt on the way, ask the locals about the certainty of the direction and the location. They will help you with pleasure.

8.      Anticipating emergency

The road to the beaches in ​​Gunung Kidul often jammed during the weekend or holiday season. If possible, choose an alternate path that can be reached from your location. Check the current traffic via social networks, or other social media that is now widely available.

9.      Watch the swimming ban zone (on ​​the beach)

The high waves of the south coast waves are unpredictable, sometimes comes suddenly. There is a safe boundary to play on the beach and a no-go zone. Pay the attention not to cross the forbidden zone in order to maintain your safety. Before swimming, ask SAR officers or coastal residents about the zones.

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