9 Legendary Tourist Attractions in Bantul Yogyakarta

9 Legendary Tourist Attractions in Bantul Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is an area that has famous with many tourist spots in Indonesia. For example Prambanan Temple, Parangtritis Beach, Sand Dunes, Mount Merapi, Yogyakarta Palace, etc. Therefore, no wonder if every day many tourist come. One of the most visited places in Yogyakarta is Bantul.

Bantul is one of regency in Jogja. Bantul becomes increasingly famous for its stunning beach tour. One of the beach attraction in Bantul which so popular is Parangtritis Beach. Perhaps, many think that in Bantul there is only Parangtritis Beach.

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In fact, in Bantul, there are other tourist attractions that are very interesting. There are some tourist attractions in Bantul are worth to visit. Some of them already known for its legendary.

9 Legendary Tourist Attractions in Bantul Yogyakarta

1.      Parangtritis beach

Parangtritis Beach is one of the beach in Bantul which is famous. Since the past, Parangtritis Beach is known as one of the tourist icon of Jogja. Not only has a beautiful view, this beach has a very large waves and often used for surfing by professional.

Besides you can enjoy the beach scene and surfing, the atmosphere is very stunning. There are lot of myth in this beach, for example you are forbid to wear any shirt with green color.

2.      Depok Beach

Depok Beach is one of the tourist attractions in Bantul, and one the best place to enjoy seafood culinary. Around the beach, there is a large TPI (fish auction place). There you can buy various types of fish from the fishermen directly to be cooked at home.

But if you want to eat in place, you can visit the stalls on the beach. Besides the fish menu, you can order a drink such as young coconut. While waiting for your order, you can play water on the beach, play kites, or maybe rent an ATV to explore the coast.

3.      Parangkusomo Beach

In the southern part of Bantul and directly bordered with the Indian Ocean, Bantul has many beaches. Beside to Parangtritis Beach, one of them is Parangkusomo Beach. If you see from the name, this beach is not much different because located in one place.

Parangkusomo Beach is also visited by many tourists, one of them is because of mystical factor. At certain times, Parangkusomo Beach will held any ritual and meditation. However, beyond all, these beaches have a beautiful scenery.

4.      Goa Cemara Beach

Although Goa Cemara Beach is less popular than Parangtritis Beach, but this beach does have a beautiful view. This beach has many pine trees that lined neatly. The arrangement of the pine trees is somewhat can attract visitor to come.

The beach is surrounded by many pine trees, so it looks like a cypress cave. To prove it directly, just come to Goa Cemara Beach in Patehan, Sanden, Bantul.

5.      Samas Beach

Besides Parangtritis Beach, there is another beach which is Samas Beach. This beach is located in Sanden, Bantul. You will see a unique view at here, because in Samas Beach there is a lighthouse that used as a navigation for the fishermen. Then, Samas Beach has stunning scenery.

6.      Goa Cerme

The cave attraction which is also located in Bantul is Cerme Cave. Goa Cerme is widely known by tourists because it has stalagmites and stalagtites that look so beautiful. For you who want to see it directly, you should come to Srunggo, Selopamioro, Imogiri, Bantul.

7.      Kids Fun

As the name implies, Kids Fun is a tourist attraction in Bantul that is specially made to please the children. Kids fun is one of the largest child play rides in Jogja. This tourist spot that located on Wonosari Street km 10, Sitimulyo, Piyungan, Bantul, offers a variety child rides, such as swingers, bumper car, swimming pool, flying fox, gokart, and many more.

8.      Balong Waterpark

As one of the tourist attractions in Bantul, Balong Waterpark became an alternative tourism-based child rides games. Balong Waterpark located on Pleret Street km 1.5, Balong, Potorono, Bantul. Balong waterpark has a wide variety of water rides, and there are many other rides for the game that children can enjoy.

9.      Parang Wedang Bath

After explore tourist attraction in Bantul, you should go to Parang Wedang Hot Water Bath to relieve your fatigue and relax your mind. This hot water bath is close to Parangtritis Beach. Parang Wedang Hot Water Bath is a pool and equipped with some adequate facilities.

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