9 Night Yogyakarta Tourist Attractions, Also For Hangout!

9 Night Yogyakarta Tourist Attractions, Also For Hangout!

Jogja is never ending to always be visited. There are many sights and also various types of tourism. At the morning, daylight, and night, this city always accept the visitor who come. When you have enjoyed the tourist attraction in the morning and afternoon, just sit down for a minute.

I suggest you to take a rest a while at your hotel, or your lodge. After a short break, you should continue the journey to enjoy the night attraction in Jogja. So, you can enjoy Jogja at every time. Here are the good places you can visit when the night in Jogja comes.

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9 Night Yogyakarta Tourist Attractions, Also For Hangout!

1.      Tugu Jogja

There is a saying “If you are going to Jogja but has not visit Tugu Jogja, you are considered not yet in Jogja”. Tugu Jogja is also very nice to be your background photo. You can also sit around Tugu Jogja. If you want to visit Tugu Jogja, better choose at night. During the daylight, it feels hot.

2.      Malioboro

As a shopping center in Jogja, Malioboro also offers beauty and hospitality at night. Starting from the traditional music (ukulele, bas, and violin), culinary tour, and other entertainment. This shopping center offers the sensation of night tour in Jogja.

3.      Zero Kilometer Zone

0 kilometer zone is located at the end of Malioboro. So if you visit Malioboro at night, you should also take a moment to this place. Actually, this place is a public facility for the visitor who visit Malioboro. But at the night, this place is usually used by artists or communities to held some show.

4.      Southern Square

This typical attraction from Jogja is always become a tourist target. The existence of twin banyan trees, making the southern square always full. Besides masangin myth, South Square also offers tree-cycle bike or pedicab around the square. South Square is located in the backyard of the Palace of Yogyakarta.

5.      Bukit Bintang

Want to see the landscape Jogja at night as a whole? Bukit Bintang is the answer. But to go to visit, you have to ride a personal transport. Because the distance from the city of Jogja rather quite far. In Bukit Bintang, you can see the lights of Jogja city while enjoying coffee milk and roasted corn.

6.      House of Raminten

House of Raminten is a nuanced restaurant with Javanese culture. The waiters at this restaurant wearing traditional Javanese dress. The interior of this restaurant really shows the attributes of Jogja. For the price of the food, it is not too expensive, or may be cheap for you.

7.      Angkringan Kopi Joss

At this place, you can enjoy the culinary tour while enjoying the night of Jogja. The price is very cheap, the variety of food and snack menu also very much. The famous angkringan kopi joss is located near Tugu Yogyakarta Station, right next to the station. The most famous and also the legendary is Angkringan Lek Man.

8.      Angkringan KR Jogja

Angkringan KR also provides Coffee Joss. This stall just like the gathering place of various communities in Jogja. There are many who often visit this place. This is because angkringan near Tugu Yogyakarta Station has been very crowded and uncomfortable for them. It can be an alternative for you who want to enjoy angkringan in Jogja.

9.      Rainbow Park or Lantern Park

For you who like lanterns, here is the place where the lanterns have interesting shapes. Here you can make as background of your photos with your partner. It’s very romantic, and there is a children’s playground if you bring your kids.

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