A Cheap Way to Get Holiday in Yogyakarta

A Cheap Way to Get Holiday in Yogyakarta

If you want to visit Yogyakarta in cheap way, there are so many things you can do to make this trip fits to your budget. For your dining needs, there are several restaurants and food stalls, and street vendors, as well as other needs that you can get in some mini markets for 24 hours.

If we you interested to enjoy lesehan, on the left and right of Malioboro there are many lesehan stalls offer gudeg and other menus. For you who like to hang out to spend the night with colleagues, in Sosrowijayan there are some cafes that open until the early morning.

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Sosrowijayan Street can only be accessed through Malioboro street, because generally the street is one way. It is located at the first intersection after you enter Malioboro street, approximately 50 meters south of Tugu Yogyakarta Railway Station.

Sosrowijayan Street is a branch of Malioboro. The easiest access is to use a taxi, there are significant difficulties because Sosrowijayan Street quite crowd in Yogyakarta. Just create a travel plan based on the group of tourist locations, before you get here to save the time and energy.

It’s good if you have a plan. For a short vacation of less than a week, just plan to visit the preferred sights in Yogyakarta. Because the location of tourist attractions to be visited in Yogyakarta quite far apart, it means the transport is an important thing to be prepared, so the travel cost did not soar to public vehicles.

In Jogjakarta available many car rental services with a cheap price. Simply with a tourist map of Jogjakarta, you didn’t get confused the way back to the hotel, or you can politely ask to people. No need to worry about where to stay, there are many cheap lodging from inns to star hotels.

If you have a limited cost, just pick the cheap but clean guesthouse in Sosrowijayan area. By staying in this tourist area, you can easily find tourist services such as travel agent, to motorcycle or car rental. Along Sosrowijayan Street, there are many cafes, money changer, internet cafe, and other tourism support.

You can enjoy a very impressive inter-nation atmosphere in this international tourist village. From this Sosrowijayan Street, you can stroll down to Malioboro Street to see typical souvenir of Jogja. Beringharjo Market, Vredenburg Fort, and Yogyakarta Sultanate are also not far away.

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