A Simple Guide for Backpacker from Local People Yogyakarta

A Simple Guide for Backpacker from Local People Yogyakarta

Jogja is one of the favorite tourist city in Indonesia. Beside to the uniqueness of the government system, Jogja has a characteristic in the tourism sector. Therefore, no wonder if many tourists are interested to visit Jogja. As you hear the stories of people who have been to Jogja.

The various culinary and other sweet memories are the things that they miss from Jogja. With the cost living that of quite affordable, Jogja was in the list of favorite for backpackers. The tourist attraction was very diverse, from historical attraction, cultural, shopping, culinary, nature, and adrenaline.

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Everything is complete in Jogja. Jogja city is not too large, and it gives the convenience of the tourists because they do not spend much time on the road. Well, for you who like a traveling with backpacker style, Jogja suitable for your list.

Kind of transportation in Jogja for backpacker

About transportation in Jogja, you have lots of options, you can use train, bus, and plane. For you from abroad, you can direct flight to Adisucipto Airport, or you can go to airport in another city, then continued by bus or train. For land transportation to Jogja, you can choose train or bus.

If you ride with a train, there are two stations for your arrival. Lempuyangan Station for economy class, and Tugu Station Yogyakarta for business and executive class. From both stations, you can continue your travel by Transjogja, motorcycles, tricycles, or on foot.

If you go to Jogja by bus, you can stop at Giwangan Bus Station or Jombor Bus Station. The bus from out of the town usually will stop at Giwangan Station. After that, you can continue your journey to downtown with Transjogja or other public transportation.

Most backpackers, they prefer trains because the affordable price, the travel time is shorter, and more comfortable. The ticket for economic class is $9. For city tour, you can ride with Transjogja, just pay $0.3. To explore the outside of Jogja such as Gunung Kidul or Kulon Progo, it is better to rent a car. If you are two, you can rent a motorcycle at a price $4 for 24 hours.

Optional lodging in Jogja for backpaker

Lodging in Jogja is very diverse, ranging from resorts, 5 star hotels, or hostel. Usually, the backpacker looking for lodging under $15. There is Sosrowijayan area that adjacent to Malioboro area. There are many affordable lodging at here, the area is also located in the city center and become favorite for backpacker to stay.

You can find many homestays that offer prices under $9, much cheap depending on your negotiation skill. What is now viral among the backpacker is a hostel type. In terms of price, the hostel is much cheaper, but the service is not inferior to the hotel. In a hostel more like a dormitory, with many beds.

Sometimes when you stay at a hostel, you will be a room with other backpacker from other areas. If you stay in a hostel, you will be given a locker key to put your stuff. Hostels do not provide accommodation packages like food, but hostels provide a kitchen for you to cook.

The second favorite area is on Prawirotaman Street. Prawirotaman area is widely known for the backpacker, most of visitor who stay are foreign tourists. The price of lodging here starts from $8 for night. The location is on Parangtritis Street, and some distance from downtown, therefore the area is relatively quiet. Around Prawirotaman there are many bars and restaurants serving western food.

Places of Interest in Jogja for backpacker

For the tourist attractions, you are free wherever you want. You can all day exploring the city of Jogja. For example you have 3 days plan in Jogja, today you can visit Gunung Kidul, starting from cave tubing at Goa Pindul or Goa Kali Suci, Sri Gethuk waterfalls, or exploring the beautiful beaches in Gunung Kidul.

The next day you can explore attraction in Kulon Progo such as Kali Biru, Pine Forest, Nglinggo Tea Garden, and many others. For the last day, you can sightseeing tour in the city. Several options include Prambanan Temple, Keraton Jogja, and shopping at Malioboro.

Just make sure everything is well planned from transportation, accommodation, until your pocket. For you who come from afar, try to book train tickets long time ago, so you can save your seats.

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