According To Locals, This Is What You Have To Do in Yogyakarta for 2 Days

According To Locals, This Is What You Have To Do in Yogyakarta for 2 Days

Jogja is known as area that has many tourist attractions that varied. Of the five districts in Jogja, all have their own characteristics. Yogyakarta city with city tour, museum, and shopping tour. Sleman is famous for the Merapi Lava Tour and the tourist village. Gunung Kidul is popular with white sand beaches. Bantul is famous with Parangtritis Beach. While Kulon Progo has interested in natural attractions.

Of course, with the many attractions in Yogyakarta, you may not be satisfied if you just visit one day. At least you have to spend two full days to feel the atmosphere. For two days in Jogja, you can visit the attraction out of Jogja such as in ​​Sleman, Gunung Kidul, or Kulon Progo on the first day. While on the second day, you can do city tour and hunt souvenirs around the city.

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Two days in Jogja: Day 1

Many choices of tourist attractions on the outsside of Jogja, call it Merapi Lava Tour in Sleman, visit white sand beaches in Gunung Kidul, and visit Kalibiru attraction in Kulon Progo. Let’s say, at the first day you want to feel an adrenaline attraction in Jogja.

At the blind morning, you can do Merapi Lava Tour in Sleman. Here you will be invited to trace the remains of ferocious Merapi eruption. By riding a Jeep, just get ready to feel the thrill. Especially when you pass Kali Kuning. Here you will be invited to get wet by passing in Kali Kuning River.

Merapi Lava Tour is usually started from early morning to get sunrise at Mount Merapi, and ended around 10 am. From Merapi Lava Tour, you can go directly to do cave tubing in Kali Suci cave or Pindul Cave in Gunung Kidul. Here you will be invited by pro guides to explore the river cave. You will not explore the cave by foot. Here you will explore the cave using a tube tire and follow the water flow.

This activity will usually end at lunch time. Once satisfied, you can immediately fill your hungry around Pindul Cave and Kali Suci Cave. One of the favorite menu here is brown rice, papaya leaf vegetables, sambal, fried chicken, and some complementary vegetables.

After you rest, lunch, and clean up, in the afternoon you can move to some beaches in Gunung Kidul to enjoy the sunset. There are many beautiful beaches in Gunung Kidul that you can visit. One beach to enjoy the sunset is Indrayanti Beach. After explore various attraction, of course your energy are very draining. Just take a rest for a night.

Two days in Jogja: Day 2

The next day, Prambanan Temple can be your first destination. Clean and cool air is very supportive of your little adventure in Prambanan Temple. After visit Prambanan Temple, you can stop by in Ratu Boko Temple, or continue city tour at the center of Jogja.

Arrive at the daylight, you can continue to Keraton Jogja and Taman Sari. Here you can see the history and how the daily picture in the palace. Starting from the history of the palace, the culture, to the daily life of the courtiers. Then, you can stop by for a while at Taman Sari. The place was used to be a bath and rest of the king, is also a favorite location for photography lovers.

When the sun goes down, you can close your journey in Malioboro. Here you can sit back while enjoying the night of Jogja or hunting souvenirs. If you are a coffee lover, you can stop by at angkringan around Yogyakarta Station to taste Joss Coffee.

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