Act Like Titanic at New Attraction Jurang Tembelan Kanigoro Jogja

Act Like Titanic at New Attraction Jurang Tembelan Kanigoro Jogja

Natural attractions in the Mangunan area seemed to endless. There are always new attractions that appear in this region every year. Many attractions are certainly a fresh breeze for many parties ranging from the surrounding community, local government and of course the tourists.

The scenery in this area is similar to the landscape at Puncak Mangunan due to its location just adjacent. Visitors can see a row of greeny Sewu Mountains and the flow of the Oyo River that divides the plain. Besides offering beautiful natural scenery, this place also offers selfie spot and other tourist attractions.

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This area can be an alternative for you who come to Jogja and want a different natural attractions. In the Jurang Tembelan attraction can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. Here you can see the scenery which so natural and certainly will refresh your mind.

Interesting spot in Jurang Tembelan Kanigoro

This area having successfully developed several attractions such as Puncak Mangunan, Pine Forest Mangunan, Becici Peak, etc. Another new natural-based tourist attraction in this area is Jurang Tembelan Kanigoro. Just like other tourist attractions, this destination offers beautiful natural scenery and the atmosphere of beautiful mountain is also cool.

There are also some selfie spot that you can use. To take any photos in those places only charged as you wish. Currently the manager has been repairing and completing the existing facilities in this place. The seating is built so that you can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh mountain air. For you who love to selfie, this place becomes the perfect place to visit.

Location of juran Tembelan kanigoro

Jurang Tembelan is located in Kanigoro, Mangunan, Dlingo, Bantul. Its location is adjacent to Puncak Mangunan. To get to this location just follow the route to Puncak Mangunan, and before entering the gate of Puncak Mangunan, there is a small fork and take the road to the left.

It takes about one and a half hours to get to this location from the city center. There is a selfie with boat-shaped which is the main attraction and also the icon of the Tembelan Gorge. Made from bamboo, tourists named the Titanic boat from Mangunan. With the backdrop of the Sewu Mountains and also the Oyo River will certainly produce very beautiful photos.

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