Admiring the Underground Beauty of Seplawan Cave Yogyakarta

Admiring the Underground Beauty of Seplawan Cave Yogyakarta

The beauty of Cave Seplawan that have a length more than 750 meters is mandatory to explore. Located at an altitude of 900 masl, besides offering the natural charm of the underground as well as the cool mountain scenery. If you plan to Yogyakarta and looking for alternative attraction, just come to Mount Menoreh, precisely in ​​Goa Seplawan.

Goa seplawan is located in the Mount Menoreh, which stretches from Purworrejo to Magelang. Goa Seplawan is located in Donorejo, Kaligesing, Purworejo, Central Java. Entering Goa Seplawan, cool air so felt. The Cave Seplawan located not far from the parking area, just walk a few meters.

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Before entering the Cave Seplawan, you will be welcomed with a large statue of the golden statue of God Shiva and Goddess Parwati. In the past, around 1979, the original golden statue was found in this location. Currently the statue is stored in the National Museum of Jakarta as a historical object. With the discovery of the statue, denotes Cave Seplawan has high historical value.

Everyone can explore Cave Seplawan because it is very safe and without special equipment. Inside the cave, the lights have been installed along the path Cave Seplawan. To go to the entrance cave, you must pass through a circular and descending path. In the entrance cave, you will be greeted by natural wonders of stalactites and stalagmites.

Walking a few meters, there is a pool with clear water. Next, you have to climb a small staircase and enter a cave hall that can be passed only one person. But after passing through the aisle, you will see the beauty of Cave Seplawan. You will be amazed because Cave Seplawan has a large diameter and extends more than 700 meters inside.

Goa Seplawan has dead end, because there is no extrance point. To exit the cave you must go through the entrance. This cave has many branches and lights are not provided because some of the path is a vertical cave, there is also a muddy so often called the mud palace. To enter the branch of the cave you must bring lighting equipment and should be with a guide.

Besides the beauty of the natural cave itself, the natural scenery in this area is also very beautiful. You can see the city of Jogja from the view post of Cave Seplawan. From view post you can see the Sermo reservoir located in Kulonprogo. If you climb the right side of the view post in fine weather, you can see 5 mountains at once, which are Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu, Mount Slamet, Mount Sindoro, and Mount Sumbing.

You can come anytime in this cave. Opening hours Cave Seplawan start from 8 am until 5 pm. Goa seplawan usually crowded on weekend or holidays. Entrance ticket for Goa Seplawan is very cheap, around USD 0.2 and parking fee is about USD 0.2. Very cheap, isn’t it?

Goa Seplawan is located in Donorejo, Kaligesing, Purworejo. When you come from Yogyakarta, take a direction to Samigaluh through Godean road. Then straight towards Kiskendo Cave. After reaching Kiskendo Cave, see the direction board towards Goa Seplawan.

Just follow the path and you will arrive at Goa Seplawan. The facilities in Cave Seplawan already quite complete, ranging from parking area, bathroom, WC, and stalls for visitor if they hungry after exploring the cave. You can order food while enjoying the beauty and coolness of the Cave Seplawan.

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