An Explicit Reason Why You Must Visit Beaches in Bantul Yogyakarta

An Explicit Reason Why You Must Visit Beaches in Bantul Yogyakarta

Bantul is a district in Jogja which is located in the southern part. Generally, people know Bantul only from Parangtritis Beach or through Parangkusumo desert. Though, there are many other interesting beaches such as Pandansari Beach, Kuwaru Beach, Baru Beach, and Samas Beach.

So, what are the advantages of various beaches in ​​Bantul? Unlike the beaches in Gunung Kidul, the access to the beaches in Bantul is easily accessible because the road is just flat. Beaches in Bantul mostly divided into two, at the end of Parangtritis Street and at the end of Bantul Street.

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Parangtritis Beach, Depok Beach, and Gumuk Pasir is one of the most prominent tourism packages of Bantul which is located on Parangtritis Street. One of the interesting tourist attraction in Parangtritis Beach is Jogja Air Show. A paragliding activity performed from the hill near the beach.

If you want to go to the beach in order to eat only, you can hunt various processed seafood in Depok Beach. Just choose it. Coming back from Depok Beach, you can enjoy the exotic Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo to try a unique sport called sand boarding.

If you want to visit Goa Cemara Beach or others, you can access it from Bantul Street. Interestingly, the infrastructure to go to the beach has been improved. So you just walk down to Bantul Street. At the end of the road you can already see a row of attractive beaches.

To enter the beach, just follow the street to find the beaches you want. The journey on the roads leading to the beach will certainly add to your ease when visiting here. As well as in several beaches in Indonesia, every 1st of Suro will be held labuhan ritual at some beaches.

This ritual mostly held in Bantul beaches, such as in Goa Cemara Beach, Prangkusumo Beach, and other. Besides held labuhan, you can enjoy a variety of typical souvenirs such as jingking chips, bawang-bawangan, and local sweet potatoes.

At some locations around the beach, you can find a dragon fruit garden. When the harvest season comes, you can buy dragon fruit directly from the farmers at cheap price.

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