An Explicit Way to Get Cheap Holiday in Yogyakarta

An Explicit Way to Get Cheap Holiday in Yogyakarta

Until now, Jogja is still a prima donna for the tourists, especially for the backpacker. As you know, this beautiful city offers many interesting destinations with access fees that are relatively cheap. Here are some interesting tips that can minimize your holiday budget in Jogja!

First, look for cheap lodging. One interesting option to try is to stay in a hostel. Edu Hostel for example. Beside to save your budget, the location of Edu Hostel is quite strategic because it is quite close to Tugu and Malioboro. If you come in a group, you can rent a type 4 bed private dorm.

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Besides more comfortable, get a roommate with your close friends during travel can be a pleasant mood booster. Next, be smart to choose where to eat. Also note the accommodation that connects your place to the dining place. If you don’t want to bother to eat easy food, it okay.

Or, you can choose a breakfast menu at the inn. If you want a cheap stroll, determine the tourist locations that can be accessed by public transport, such as city buses or Trans Jogja. No need to worry with a tourist attraction. Starting from Malioboro, Gembira Loka Zoo, or other city attraction can be passed by Trans Jogja.

While if you want to go to Parangtritis, you can ride city bus. Just go to the nearest route from your place. If you want to enjoy the natural attractions that is not passed by public transportation, try to invite your local friends or rent a moped.

If you want to buy cheap souvenirs, just come to Beringharjo Market. One of the pride market of Jogja citizens offers a variety of interesting products, ranging from batik to a variety of pretty trinkets. Since the market closes early, come around 9am to 3pm.

Here you can also enjoy the delicious pecel senggol and dawet sold in front of the market. This culinary market will be priced at a cheap. With a cost of $1.5, you can get rid of your hunger. If you want to get around the city with a cheap price, jut ride Trans Jogja. You can transit at every shelter of Trans Jogja without paying anymore.

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