Another Tips to Get Cheap Holiday in Yogyakarta

Another Tips to Get Cheap Holiday in Yogyakarta

Jogja presents some interesting sights and worth visiting. For you who choose Jogja as a tourist destination, you will not be disappointed because there are many tourist attractions that can be enjoyed during the holidays.

If you intend to vacation to Jogja but you have a limited budget, you should pay attention to these tips of vacation to Jogja, so that your holiday will be very memorable. Let’s just take a look at some of the following tips!

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Another Tips to Get Cheap Holiday in Yogyakarta

1.      Choose lodging

You have to skimp on the lodging budget. You should choose lodging that has cheap room rental rates. In Jogja, you can find some cheap lodging around $8/night. For example, you can find cheap lodging in the vicinity of Malioboro. Although cheap, you will still be comfortable staying there. To find the hotel according to your taste, you may use Google for sure.

2.      Cheap transportation

While on vacation in Jogja, choose a cheap transportation. An obstacles are often faced by tourists is not all the public transport passes a particular tourist object. Well, you can choose to rent a motorbike to save more budget than take a taxi or rent a car. Motorcycle rental in Jogja is very affordable. You can around the city of Jogja at a cheap cost by ride a motorcycle.

3.      Cheap food

One way to make a cheap holiday in Jogja is to find cheap food. Eat in angkringan in Jogja will be more efficient because the food sold cheap. If you want to enjoy a typical Jogja food, gudeg, you can choose to buy gudeg in many stalls. You don’t have to worry about the price and the taste, it is still delicious compared with luxury restaurants.

4.      Cheap attractions

Choose a cheap tourist attraction in Jogja to save on spending expenses during the holidays. You can visit some interesting places in Jogja with affordable ticket such as Keraton Jogja, Taman Sari, and Vredeburg Fort. At night, you can go to Tugu Jogja to enjoy the beauty of Jogja.

5.      Take the tourism map

Always follow Jogja tourism map if you have not familiar with Jogja area. The maps will help you find a certain place so that it can save time, cost and effort. Many attraction are located I one area, so you can save anything.

6.      Documentation

Bring your own camera to capture the moment when visiting a tourist attraction. You will be more frugal by bringing your own camera than using a photo printing service. However, if you intend to use the services of photo prints because of good quality, just bid the price to be cheap.

7.      Shop sparingly

When vacationing to a place like Jogja, you definitely want to buy something that is a typical Jogja. Go to Malioboro to buy some special souvenir of Jogja. As much as possible, speak Javanese language when you bid. The seller will offer some souvenir if you speak a Javanese Language even a little.

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