Another Tubing Attraction in Yogyakarta Beside Pindul Cave

Another Tubing Attraction in Yogyakarta Beside Pindul Cave

Lava Bantal that have the maximum river water debit become the most wanted for tubing lover in Jogja. This new tourist attraction, just open for several months, was started visit by tourist as an alternative tubing beside to Kalisuci and Goa Pindul.

This tourist attraction located in Watuadeg, Jogotirto, Berbah, Sleman, is actually a geo-heritage area that is still natural. Lava Bantal became a marker about the occurrence of Java Island. Currently, the visitor quite rare because it is new.

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The most crowded time is on Saturday – Sunday, even the average visit just 15 people. During big day and national holidays, visitors can rise 2 times from the usual day off. You can try this tubing which is currently still provided with limit, 15 tubing for adults and 5 for children.

For safety, there are guide who will accompanied you along the journey. Each group consists of 5 participants accompanied by a guide. Currently, for the initial price, for adult is charged $1.2 and $0.8 for children.

The duration of tubing in river ranges from 30 – 45 minutes, depending on a regular route or a long route. Usually, mostly visitor choose the 1 kilometer route. Since the arrival of the new Joglo and the new bridge on the south side, the visitors are increasing.

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