Bakmi Kadin Yogyakarta, the Most Popular Javanese Noodle

Bakmi Kadin Yogyakarta, the Most Popular Javanese Noodle

Besides gudeg which is a typical food in Jogja, there is another culinary from Jogja and rarely found in other cities, bakmi jowo or Javanese noodle. Bakmi Jawa, the way of cooking is not with gas stove, but with brazier and charcoal. And one of the famous Javanese noodle in Jogja is Bakmi Kadin.

Bakmi Kadin has started his career in the culinary world since 1947. He is Karto Kasidin (abbreviated to Kadin) who opened his business in Bintaran Kulon Street, Yogyakarta, or across from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) Jogja. The stall started open from 5 pm to 11 pm.

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Night is the best time to enjoy the Javanese noodle, as well as a dinner. Many tourists from outside area come to Bakmi Kadin to enjoy the stability of the taste, which they said already famous. In this place, besides serving the joy of Javanese noodles, you can also enjoy keroncong music.

Some of the local musicians always perform at this stall every night. You can also request songs or sing along with them. These are rarely found in big cities. How about the price of food in Bakmi Kadin? You could say the price is not cheap but also not expensive, it’s equal with the taste and the experience.

One plate of Javanese fried noodles or boiled noodles ranged from $1-2 depending on additional menu, such as thighs, wings, etc. The main menu that served such as Javanese fried noodle, cap cay, and other. About the drink, you can choose between bajigur, tape, tea, and oranges.

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