Banyusumurup Tourism Village, a Village of Keris

Banyusumurup Tourism Village, a Village of Keris

Want to see other attraction than beaches, mountains, waterfalls, or other natural attractions? Try to visit Banyusumurup Tourism Village. This village is located in Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is very typical with a thick Javanese culture, so visiting one of the tourism village will help you enrich your knowledge.

In this village you will be presented about the process of making a keris. Keris is a traditional weapon originating from Java. The village located in Gunung Kidul is very famous for its legendary keris production. The village of Banyusumurup is located in Imogiri, Bantul.

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Why so legendary? It is because the production of keris and accessories have been done from the 1950s. There are many various keris accessories produced in this village, including keris cover or called warangka and the handle of keris or called as pendok.

By visiting here, you will know the ins and outs of making keris accessories. You also can meet some craftsmen that have the best quality. The number of production of keris and its accessories from this village quite a lot.

Every week, about 60-100 keris and its accessories. This number will be sent not only to the local market in Yogyakarta, but also the outside Yogyakarta and even abroad. When you will visit Banyusumurup Tourism Village, you need not worry. The village is quite easy to reach and quite easy to access.

When you get here, you will be greeted by the cool air like in the countryside. Although this village has become a tourist village that visited by many tourists, a typical rural atmosphere you can still feel. Most of keris craftsmen are home production.

Until now, there are many place with certain keris brands that developed. But there is one famous keris craftsmen from this village, Mr. Jiwo. Visiting Banyusumurup Village will give you a different sensation, especially for you who love traditional culture, especially Java.

You can see directly the process of making various keris step by step. Here, you will not find many signposts like another tourist area.

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