Baron Beach Yogyakarta, an Interesting Seafood Culinary Spot

Baron Beach Yogyakarta, an Interesting Seafood Culinary Spot

The existence of Baron Beach proves that Yogyakarta is not only famous about Parangtritis Beach. Baron Beach which is located in Gunung Kidul has slightly different from Parangtritis Beach or Indrayanti Beach. As you know, Gunung Kidul is rich in coastal tourism destinations.

Beside to Baron Beach, Gunung Kidul still has a number of other popular beach attractions, such as Indrayanti Beach, Sundak Beach, Krakal Beach, Kukup Beach, and much more. Starting from beach panorama, clear sea water, until the sand stretches out, all available for you.

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Baron Beach is favored by many travel lovers. The beach that lined parallel to Krakal Beach and Sundak Beach is ready to pamper you with dramatic atmosphere. Baron Beach is located in Kemadang, Tanjungsari, about 2 hours from downtown Yogyakarta.

Just like any other beaches in Gunung Kidul, Baron Beach offers the charm of the sea surrounded by green hills. The waves are not so big, it suits for tourists who have a hobby of surfing or diving. To get to Baron Beach, the route is easy.

But there is one thing to watch out for, the contour of the path is not so flat, up and down, winding, and not so wide. If you first time to go to Baron Beach, it is advisable to be extra careful. The beach is flanked by two green hills, so it looks more like a bay.

On the right side of the beach, there is a river that meets directly with sea water. These seawater and river water that met are the main attraction for visitors. Compared to other beaches in Jogja, Baron Beach includes the most beautiful and natural beaches.

In Baron Beach area, you are free to play on the sand beach. But, there are a number of locations that are considered prone to big waves. Please note, Baron Beach Yogyakarta is part of the southern coastal region that famous for its big waves. Thus, you are advised to be more careful.

Besides playing on the edge of the sea, you can enjoy a beautiful panorama of the beach while eating culinary dishes. Baron Beach is famous for its seafood culinary, one is snapper soup. Eating the delicious soup accompanied by beach breeze and the waves is a fun experience.

One portion of snapper soup has been presented with the coconut ice, and the price is fairly friendly. Every year, local fishermen routinely hold a ritual sea ceremony on Syuro (the month on the Javanese calendar). This ceremony is done as a form of gratitude for the fortune.

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