Barong Temple Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction

Barong Temple Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction

Barong Temple is located in the hills of Batur Agung, precisely in Candi Sari, Sambirejo, Prambanan, Sleman. Named Barong Temple due to the decoration on each side of the temple body resembles a lion or barong.

Barong Temple is estimated to be built around 9th century. Then rediscovered in the early 20th century under damaged conditions by a Dutchman around 1913. At that time the condition of the temple is still a ruin and difficult to recognize the original form.

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The restoration of Barong Temple started in 1987. The main temple of Barong was completely restored in 1992 which was followed by the restoration of the talud and fence. This temple is patterned Hindu and is predicted to be the worship place of Lord Vishnu.

There are the statue of Dewi Sri (goddess of fertility which is the wife of Lord Vishnu) and Goddess Lakshmi, accompanist Lord Vishnu. There is also a winged shell ornament (sankha) which is one of the symbols of Lord Vishnu, and the top of the building shaped of a gem.

This temple is for worship activities related to fertility applications. This may be related to the condition of the soil around, so that by worshiping to Dewi Sri, it is expected that the soil condition will become fertile. The temple complex has three terraces.

On the highest terrace, there is a hall and two temples that have no windows and doors. The first temple measuring 8.20 m x 8.20 m, while the second temple measuring 8.25 m x 8.25 m. On each side of the temple, there are niches with ornaments of kalamakara.

This highest terrace is the most sacred courtyard. The difference between the two lies in the decoration and the statue. Based on these two things, the first temple was allegedly built for worship of Lord Vishnu, while the second temple for Dewi Sri.

On the second terrace, there is a building structure and some rectangular stone pedestal. Allegedly the structure is a hall with a wooden roof. While on the first terrace is not found the structure of the building. Overall, the Barong Temple complex is supposedly built in two stages.

This can be seen from some indications found during the restoration. The discovery of the first stage construction until now can be seen in the south of the second temple building. In the first stage, this complex only built one temple. In the second stage, there is a third page extension to the south side and the construction of the second temple is at the south.

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